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Mar 27, 2011


The judgment day is near.  I mean, the tax deadline.  It's less than a month now.  So it makes me busy most of the time.  I have no time to update on this blog and my other blog at the same time.  Just bear with me.  I focus myself on work.   I don't forget to say a thank you prayer the same way you do guys.  Let's do the ASAP.  It rocks right.

Now, I need to go to the grocery store ASAP.  Have a wonderful day ahead to all!


sheng said...

I love what you mean with ASAP. Always Say a Prayer. Thanks for reminding me.Sometimes, I forget.

nuts said...

JAPAN! just always pray at night!.

dong ho said...

hahaha... busy days for accountants. asap - ang saya ang patok

Allen said...

kawawa naman yung mga accountants ngayon. bugbog. haha.

i just finished filing mine. :D

jeanny said...

Agree with Nuts...JAPAN! hehehe

INgat lagi red :-)