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Sep 10, 2010

The Clock Story

The evolution of the clock is quite interesting, during earlier times people usually use the sun to know the time by gazing at the position of the sun in the sky they could tell what’s the time of the day. Then thereafter the people used a stick to determine time, they stand a stick in the ground and observes the position of the shadow in the ground. At the year 1680 the people used a pendulum to run the hands of the clock. Then a pendulum clock was made, and was placed in a wooden body with a height of about six feet. During 19th century there were two brothers who made a clock the older brother died, several experts tried to repair the clock but it was not restored then after several years the older brother also died and the clock that they made was totally destroyed. Henry Clay Work in his effort to recognize the work of the two brothers decided to make a song about the story of the clock and the two brothers and was entitled My grandfather clock . For several years the story spread over England and the pendulum clock built with wooden case of about six feet was called grandfathers clock.


dong ho said...

this makes me wonder what's the oldest clock in the country today.

nuts said...

i only have one decoration in my wall..only one clock! :)