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Jul 3, 2010


Yahoo!  Msn!  Plurk!  Blogger!  Facebook!  Multiply!  DL!  Twitter!  Whatelse?  It's a Saturday afternoon and I am so happy because I can park online up to sawa.   It's already the 3rd day of July.  The first month of the mid-year.  June ended meaningful to me as a Filipino citizen who keep on wanting a big change in the government system.  On June 30 was the inauguration of the newly elected President and Vice-President, Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III and Jejomar Binay respectively.  It was one of the successful event in the Philippine's history.  I liked Charice Pempengco who sang the Philippine National Anthem and the rest of the talented singers.  I witnessed the unity in the Philippine T.V. I hope it will happen in real life and under the newly elected government officials. 

On the same day was the national showing of the movie "Eclipse"  So far, I liked this 3rd installment of Twilight Saga.  It is because the vampires and the werewolves united to fight the Vampire newborns.  The love-triangle drove me crazy that even I belong to Team Edward, I can't help to stare shirtless Jacob :-p especially when he said, "I am hotter than you."   Needless to say, Edward hitch leg scene was the best scene for me!

1 comment:

witsandnuts said...

Baka sa weekend pa ako manonood ng Eclipse. Naconfused na naman siguro ang mga fans (ala Bella)kung si Edward or Jacob ang gusto nila. Haha.