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May 25, 2010


I don't actually share my life to personal friends.  I am a silent type of person in real life.  I prefer writing than talking that's it!  But I am a good listener.

I have some dark secrets.  I did some bad revenge.  I said white lies.  I don't share it personally to all my friends, maybe I shared some but it's limited.  I keep secrets of others but I have this negative thinking that my secrets will be used against me.  I did mistakes.  I am just human.

I grown up now.  I learned lessons from my mistakes.  I am trying to be better every day.  Finally, I can share them- my dark secrets, my wild adventures, the white lies, my struggles, the failures, the realization... the real me.


the donG said...

of all the words here in this post, this line is the most important

I am trying to be better every day.

keep it up.

nuts said...

ssshhh.. well i think everyone has each own stories but i want to keep a secret a secret to myself. and i agree with dong, to be better erveryday is the most important.