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Apr 27, 2010


Finally tax season is over now. I am back to normal life. I can watch T.V. now enjoying my favorite television series. Last night, I was able to catch the T.V. news. The news claimed the life of a 30 years old man and wounded his wife. The former was traversing the highway when he crashed through a truck. According to the traffic investigation, the truck was maneuvering a left turn when the motorcycle tried to overtake. Due to the impact, the couple was thrown out of the motorcycle, which was also badly wrecked. It was gathered that the victims were not wearing motorcycle helmets. Investigation revealed that the man was under the influence of liquor when the incident happened.

Deaths and injuries from motorcycle accidents are now considered a public health epidemic. Reports showed that motorcycles have the highest fatality rate and motorcycle riders figured as the second most at risk of being killed or injured in a road accident. Reports identified over-speeding, non-use of helmets, risk-taking behavior, and drunk driving as contributing factors to the rising trend of traffic accidents. Motorcycle accidents can and will happen. But whether an accident was due to automobile driver negligence, a mishap on a slick road, or operator error, there are tips you can follow to drastically limit the chance of a motorcycle accident. One should have proper motorcycle gear, includes helmet, eye protection, motorcycle saddlebags and leather vests. Motorcycle operators have the skills needed to safety operate a motorcycle and must know the legal responsibilities.

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nuts said...

it is a must for motorcycle riders to wear helmet.. i should know.. :D