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Mar 1, 2010


I have busy work and party schedules

I am quite busy scrapbooking

I eat fruits non-stop.

But I took time to watch the sunset
And was chatting with a friend until moonrise

And I admire this fellow. He made me cry ( hindi ko nga maalala kong kelan ako huling umiyak) not of his family background but of his beautiful voice.

I missed you all!


the donG said...

busy nga. summer na dapat busy na sa pag babyahe. hehehe...

princess_dyanie said...

pag green ba sa calendar eh ibig sabihin eh work related? ;P

busy nga! ahmishuuu! :)

nuts said...

ano yung real property hehe, pending task ba
hamizhu na..hehe.. init na dito, summer na, dyan ba?

Reena said...

hi red!!! bday mo ba? happy bday! hehe. nabasa ko lng sa plurk eh. :D