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Mar 28, 2010


In the Philippines, fashion, art and nationalism come together in a clothing brand that is big on the map literally. The map shirt has more than made its mark not just in the fiercely competitive RTW clothing industry. It has become global fashion symbols that are distinctly Filipino.

Political developments in the last decades worldwide have made graffiti acceptable, considered as street art even, so as long as they do not degrade property and structures, Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, have been quick to recognize in graffiti as another art form that could be used to generate business gains. The clothing industry in particular has embraced this form of expressions with T-shirts that include sports t-shirts etc., as the natural canvas for their radical, atypical and even extreme messages.

Anyone can express oneself through customized tshirt designs, create unique pieces with T-shirt Design Tutorials and start a business.


Lawstude said...

uy, noynoy shirt. wala bang gibo? lol

the donG said...

hahaha... dami ng merong ganyan. buti naman at napopromote ang mgs isla ng pinas sa damit.

sheng said...

Nice shirts, sana marunong din akong gumawa ng shirt designs, mapagkakaperahan yan!

Eds said...

nice shirt. noynoy na noynoy ah. hehehe

naalala ko tuloy wala pa pala akong ganyang shirt.

nuts said...

i have exactly the same it!