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Feb 7, 2010


It's more than a week I did not update my blog. Woot! Working too much is not really healthy because I skipped meals. Nawalan kasi ako ng gana, I have to admit I was in love. Yun naman pala. I trapped not inside the heart shape but circle full of red color. I am trying to regain the energy and be back in the real world. So here I am coming back here and slightly feel sad because I know I missed some things rin. Dahil nga sa AWOL status ko, may nagtext. Sabi: "Hindi ka na nagtitext kahit kailan." Sagot ko naman: "Nagtext ka ba?"(Biro lang) Yung totoo kung reply was sorry busy kasi with matching huhuhu.

So how are you all? (Yung mga walang plurk). Malapit na ang Valentine's Day (not to mention puno na naman ang restaurant, hotels and most of all yung mga lodging houses) and the Chinese New Year. Here in Iloilo, we enjoy and celebrate the holidays from December to Febraury actually. From Christmas, New Year, Dinagyang, Jaro fiesta, Chinese New Year and Paraw Regatta.

As I've said, I am coming back to my personal life. Aside from working double time, I continue doing my passion in arts. I will show you my simple artworks from time to time, share my little knowledge in business and taxation, post my weekly journal (though late na), share conversation I overheard in public and online discoveries.

I got to enhance my own ideas with these craft mags.

I am collecting Entrepreneur magazine since last year. It's inspiring to start a business too.

I will continue to make some personalized cards

I do continue to create framed paper arts

Making felt paper cartoon character wall decorations

Making personalized bag with patadyong accent.

I still continue to join postcrossing.

I have so many stocked photos to put on photo album. I will do scrapbooking instead.
I started one page of scrapbooking today. It's the souvenir shot of Christmas gift from Dyanie with some of her notes posted. I added a bench and beach umbrella. The photo was taken in Tatlong Pulo and I put some sand I brought as a souvenir from the said beach.

I will update you more. I am glad I am back here finally. I miss you like crazy na!


Christian Bryan said...


u're in love :D

nangugulo na naman ako dito, hehehe...

hanap mo daw ako sabi ni mel? sensha nabusy lang Kuya Red. hehehe

Random Student said...

wow busy bee. arts and crafts is something that i'm a mess at. and yet i'm not that techie to go all-out to doing digital art. kaya nga eto i'm in the middle of both worlds -- the manual and the modernized. my creations have a little of both.

sheng said...

Good for you, i don't have a net connection in the office anymore, i'll see you around...

princess_dyanie said...

yey! you're in love! love is in the air!

i miss you like craaaaazy!!! :)

the donG said...

Nawalan kasi ako ng gana, I have to admit I was in love. Yun naman pala>>> ayun naman pala ang dahilan. hehehe... at sino kaya ito?

sa mga walang plurk magplurk na kayo. red post mo na mga festival shots!


You're thinking of becoming a businessman? Well....... a big goodLUCK, Red!

Abi ko ako lang ang gakadula sa blogworld... lol!


ahmer said...

nice< gusto ko yung bag! : )

nuts said...

miss you like crazy too (cozy) haha. uuuyy, me update ka na pala.. buti nakabalik na ulit (lol) di nga, namis ka namin talaga.. goodluck sa valentines, ok lang yun paminsan nawawalan talaga gana, in love naman pala eh.. :) kelangan matinding motivation. aja!