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Jan 14, 2010


There are different languages around the world. In Miss Universe interview portion, some contestants need to have a translator in order to understand and can answer the question in her best way and the latter translates the former's answer in English for the whole world to know. In virtual world, I met different people through chat, blog, postcrossing and facebook. Most of them are Spanish from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Peru, Brazil and Honduras. In order to understand one’s culture, you need to know how to speak or write one’s language. I know more about my online friends and their own culture with the help of an online translator. I use a translation service online to chat with other people around the world. We can chat longer and know each other better with an online translator. That’s my secret and now I share it to you.

Translia is the fastest and accurate translation service. It can translate the different native languages to English. It is very helpful especially when you have business. I am very satisfied with its good service.

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Random Student said...

this info is helpful to me as some of my correspondents are in the Latin American countries