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Jan 17, 2010


Jan. 11- For me, remembering one's birthday especially those who close to us is so special. I feel guilty every time I forgot to greet my friend on his/her birthday. It's Robelyn's birthday! I greeted her through text as I wake up early in the morning. Na-touch naman siya kasi one's in a blue moon lang kami mag-text. She is the type of a friend who understand the situation or life of a busy friend. Not to mention na she is always busy too. Andiyan pa rin yung spirit of real friendship. No pressure.

Jan. 12- Speaking of text, there are some people who just text when they need your help or may itatanong lang. I was like that before but I learned a lesson from it. In my life, I have no time to text anymore. But I see to it na bumawi. Bigla na lang ako magtext- mangamusta. Like sa blog kom there are times I can't comment back or even just say hi. Pero kapag may free time ako, bumabawi naman ako ng bonggang-bongga. For now, I'm sorry. I can't do the favor in return. I am just here...busy.

Jan. 13- Back in school, we love the vacant time or the recess. It's the common answer on the slumbook's question: What's your favorite subject. At my work, no more recesss. Sometimes I skip meals especially when there are lots of work to be finished before the deadline. It's busy work period again! I rarely check my emails, read blog updates, tweet, plurk, do farming. Kamusta naman kayo dyan?

Jan. 14- I was surprised to see a guest when I arrived home. My sister had an adopted dog! Her name is Bangs (Magkano ang iyong dangal?). She's so cute but black. She is our neighbor's new pet.

Jan. 15- I was busy all day. Sad to say that I was not able to watch the Dinagyang- opening salvo. I was able to see some Dinagyang tribes though. And I can say that, it's more exciting this year. I loved their costumes and what more on the Dinagyang highlights! I missed to buy a ticket this year. Maybe I just watch the competition on T.V. on January 24, 2010. That's on the next Sunday! Ayay!

Jan. 16- Oh well, I watched T.V. so early even it's weekend and no teleseryes. I was a bit nervous and excited who gonna be out of Pbb's house. Finally, it's worth my text votes.

Jan. 17- Time flies so fast and there is work again tomorrow. I was busy organizing my things. I got the great idea from megastar- Sharon Cuneta's magazine called Sharon At Home. It's the first ever issue and I can't wait to grab a copy in the next issue.

See you again next week!


princess_dyanie said...

haha! mgkano nga iyong dangal ni bangs! haha!

uy wag ka nga mag skip ng meals. mahirap magkasakit. wag mo intayin na ipambili na ng gamot mo ang tinatrabaho mo okay. concern ako sayo friend! :)

sheng said...

Work today, argggghhh. Be safe redlan.

witsandnuts said...

Haha, you're happy that Cathy got evicted. Me, too! LOL.

nuts said...

i am just fine..hihihi.. emo oh.. teka, yung bidey ko.. sana wag mo kalimots... :)
ingats! bawal magkasakit, kaya, pahinga muna! have a break, have a kitkat!