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Dec 22, 2009


I practice the early Christmas gift buying since last year. I start buying from January especially on store sale days. When December comes there are only few gifts to buy on my gift list. I don't like holiday rush anymore.

one of the cheapest gifts I bought early for the kids.

I noticed that most of the additional gifts I already gave this Christmas were books. I personally wrapped them.

a note is the most exciting to read for me. I write short personal notes too.

personal gift wrap made of specialty papers ready to deliver or pick up

I also made gift bags. It looks nice kapag yung color ng bag at yung laman ay may resemblance. Anyone can make a bag but add accent to it for your own originality. I used patadyong as an accent.

I can make paper gift bag as well. They say, cologne is one of the best gifts for New Year.

I included vcd Christmas gifts this year for some so close friends.

I treat some of my friends during Christmas season instead of giving gifts.
Adults wanted cash for Christmas
You can send Christmas greeting photo cards for friends abroad

There are some people like me who want to receive Christmas cards

Again and again, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!


Rej said...

Napakacreative mo talaga bro. fave ko yung green wrapper. At ang sosyal namimigay ka ng dolyar. Simula ngayon friends na tayo ha. Hehe!

Merry Christmas!

May your dreams come true. God bless.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Merry Christmas Redlan!

~JarieLyn~ said...

What a delightful post. This really made me smile. I like how you do Christmas. One of my favorite things is writing a personal note to the receiver of my gift also. This year I wrote individual letters to all of my husband's family and put it inside with their gift. Each letter is different and specifically for the person receiving it.

I also love your homemade envelopes, gift bags and wrapping paper and that book you are giving out looks like an amazing book to read.

Have a Merry Christmas.

p0kw4ng said...

ang ganda ng header mo red! supah!

very creative...ang galing!!!

Bradpetehoops said...

Very nice!

nuts said...

ang galing naman, sa packaging pa lang, gift na.. but i want the 3rd to the last. mano po ninong, sabi mga kids ko.. :D (joke)
of course it's the thought, even a simple notes that I valued most.

princess_dyanie said...

ang creative talaga! clap clap clap! :P

Merry Christmas Red!!! :)

Allen said...

Happy christmas kuya! enjoy the season!

kain lang ng kain! haha.

Malipayon nga paskwa!

Lawstude said...

Fellowship, feasting, giving and receiving gifts are all the buzzwords in a Christmas setting. Make your Christmas a one to cherish for years!

Enjoy the holidays Red.

Jeanny said...

Sweet and very creative. merry Christmas and Happy New Year Red:)

飯糰夾蛋Karen said...
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