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Nov 25, 2009


It's nice to see a couple of photos of my city Iloilo on the new FSO banner that Chef E created. Thanks to her for letting me grab this photo collage.

FRIDAY "MY TOWN" SHOOT OUT is a group of people who love to take photos and show the whole world their beautiful town/state/city. We have a theme each week assigned by a member in advance.

With this friendly-people-friendly-nature individuals, I learned to appreciate my city and the things around it. We connect each other through photos of our place and share ideas with each other. Patty is the one who organized and originally created the FSO blog. I am following her blog. I knew about the beautiful Crisfield, Maryland. It's the home of crabs. The group became stronger and exciting with the help of Gordon who originally from St. Augustine, Florida. I became interested in fishing because of him. Ginger V who is staying in Rio, Brasil also helps and part of the town blogger team. She is the one who organize our photo assignment and making things easier and possible when it comes to the subject of the assignment. Chef E on the otherhand, makes the whole blog stuff especially the layout. She shares her living in New Jersey. I admire Jen the way she takes photos. For me she is a perfect photographer. She teaches us all about photography together with Patty. She choose the best set of photos every week. Thank you guys!

I and the other members from Australia, New Zealand, some Asian countries, European countries and mostly from United States of America are sharing each other and enjoying being FSO members. Join us!


PUSANG-kalye said...

what is FSO? hehe

p0kw4ng said...

galing naman...atleast nagkakasama sama yung mga mahihilig sa petyurs!

ganda ng header mo red! lab it!

Chef E said...

thank you Redlan, it is nice to be appreciated! I enjoy your photos!

GingerV said...

how nice of you to point our gang on your blog.... and seens I am at it, thank you for all the nice comments you leave on townblogger - it feels good to be appreciated.