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Nov 22, 2009


I was very (beri) busy last week that I can't even say hello to SM, Robinsons and other stores in malls. So for more than seven days I was contented having this "sira" pouch. (Tinatago ko na lang para hindi makita.)

Until this weekend, I finally went to SM and got this new pouch.
Christmas is so near. And I love to sing this song:

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart
But the very next day, you gave it away
This year, to save me from tears
I'll gave it to my family and friends

I can't wait to visit Pototan, Iloilo to witness the IWAG 2009. Pototan is the Christmas capital of Western Visayas.

For a change, I was able to make some photo cards for friends.

I have my 365 days with the Lord as early this month.
Advance Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2010 to all!


Lawstude said...

holiday na holidat na dito sa blog mo ah. merry christmas!!!

PUSANG-kalye said...

REDLAN---sorry po. ayan. okay na. naayus ko na. Talaga? andon ba sya? diko lam e. maybe next week I will meet some of the bloggers who will be around.

PUSANG-kalye said...

it's starting to look a lot like Christmas na talaga. even here in your blog....and the coin pusrse if I may---very appropriate sa new year kasi sa krisis ngayon. kailangan talagang magtipid ng husto. hehe

Random Student said...

naku napagpilian ko rin yang coin purse na yan two months ago. also bought mine at SM dept. store. i ended up buying a more contemporary-looking one. it was actually about my first post sa blog ko.

Sidney said...

Wow... you follow the tradition...early Christmas!
Happy New Year ! :-)

jeanny said...

wow swerte ng mapagbibigyan ng photo cards, they are so lovely Red.

COngrats sa new purse ha, sobrang busy mo at now ka lang nakapunta ng mall.


Eds said...

wow! paskong-pasko na talaga. those photo cards are lovely redlan.

nuts said...

sumilip lang ako sa blogworld at eto blogsite mo lang nivisit ko at napansin ko paskong pasko na nga..