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Oct 26, 2009


Dating is an opportunity for the two individuals to show each other's personality. Some people embrace the idea of dating while some don't. They think that it is something quite awkward or a waste of time. Some are too busy in their lives that they don't have the time to go out.

Here I continue my dating story:

I didn't give my number but I was not surprise when he texted me. My friend used his phone when they were on their way to the city. (Na-low bat kasi yung phone ng friend ko.)

Our group date was a success and he organized a second date (just for the two of us). We kept texting after the first date. Mobile dating is the way to know each other more before meeting up. It's like you've known each other for years when you meet on a date. We exchanged Q&A through text messages. Then, we agreed and finalized our date.

Moi: Are you going to weat slippers again?
M***: Why?
Moi: Kay ma-tsinelas man ko. Pero slippers are not allowed in bars.
M***: Ma-rubber shoes na lang ko eh.

Dating can be fun and memorable. I always want it to be and I want to be different. I was excited like any teenagers who find to think of so many things- the outfit, the place, the person to date with. I've planned out our routine for the day & night since he gonna stay overnight.

*I fetched him because he was not that familiar with some places in the city.

*We can't eat from one fast food to another at the same time so while waiting our order to go @ Chowking, I bought Jollibee spaghetti, Mc Do french fries, KFC burger and Greenwich pearl coolers.

*We checked in the hotel @ 2:30 pm. He ate while I just watch T.V.

*We went malling @ 4 pm. Bought some clothes and junk foods and had dinner before we went back to the hotel.

*Since he was afraid to sleep alone, I stayed in the hotel and slept with him in separate bed of course! I don't like to abuse and be abused.

*I woke up @ 9 am and we prepared to check out then.
*We had brunch in a restaurant. I saw some people looking at and I can read what's in their minds. I still managed to smile not for the fact that I was proud of having a date with someone but I smiled because I know I did nothing wrong. (Hindi ko ginawa yung mga nasa utak nila, whahaha. At hindi ako ang nagkasala kung hindi sila.) Moreover. I am just happy that somehow I made someone happy. However, I prefer not to continue though. He is straight and younger than me. I believe EVERY MOMENT YOU SPEND WITH THE WRONG PERSON IS A MOMENT YOU'RE MISSING THE RIGHT ONE. In the first place, I don't want to build a wrong relationship again.

I am back to normal life now. And being single is my choice.


princess_dyanie said...

eh how did u know naman na he was a wrong person? hmmm..

tama tama yan, may greenwich coolers hahaha! :)

nuts said...

ahhhmmm...bitin pa rin ako dito sa dating post mo.. :D
wow, fastfood hopping.. :)

Blue Rose said...

fastfood hopping ang tema ng date nyo ha! hehehe

uhmmm...parang bitin! anyway, sundin mo kung ano ang sa tingin mong tama at magpapasaya sayo. good luck red.