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Oct 21, 2009


It's already Wednesday! Wow, Thursday tomorrow, Friday the next day and after Friday, it's Saturday. I am not excited for the weekend anymore. No more dating. I prefer not to continue because I don't like to be in the next level and I know it will end up nothing. I have so much things to do in work. I have to meet my friends and family. In short, I am officially back to normal life.

Today, I gonna send 8 postcards to different countries- Belarus, The Netherlands, Taiwan, China, Germany, Finland, Brazil and to Poland for a private swap. I am excited to receive a postcard from Bahamas send by a fellow postcrosser today.

I am still thinking how I can write my dating story. I have some untold stories that I promised to share. I never share it to any of my personal friends in full details. But I can tell it here for the fact that we don't know each other personally. And I am not afraid you can tell it to my sister. Lol. Like, how excited I was to be circumcised not for the straight reason that I gonna be a man but for the gay reason that I gonna wear a skirt (na hindi masita ng mga astig kong utol :-P). Moreover, I can share how we kept the relationship without commitment for two years.

I am still working for these things to be finished and be posted here. For the meantime, I gonna leave you for I need to go to the post office. It's already 4:00 pm.

Do I need to set this blog privately?


witsandnuts said...

Not dating = normal

Lol, that seems to be your equation. Hahahaha. I hope to meet you someday.

About the privacay of this blog, well, it depends on you. Personally, I think it would depend if you're comofortable enough with the details you're sharing. It's like asking when I was starting my blog, should I be anonymous or not? As it is now, it turned out to be partially anonymous.

p0kw4ng said...

awww di ba normal nong may date date churva? hihihi

di ka pa lang siguro ready sa magulong buhay..ahahaha

private?? hmmm bakit kaya?

Stunted Male said...

Hi Redlan. I didn't know you were... wait. I'm confused. I just might have to read your other posts first. I'll be back.

nuts said...

alone but not lonely, haha.. so you're officially back na nga.. everytime me personal update, di pwede di ko unahin at basahin word for word. first, sarap kaya basahin.. second, dapat me part 2 kagad ang update, bitin eh..
napapasmile ako lagi sa nick mo.. ^-^

wait said...

...waiting to your Untold Stories that you PromiseD to Share : P

princess_dyanie said...

yay! iba na naman name ah "aLONE but not LONEly"! ayun oh! haha! :P

teka teka bakit naman itinigil na? sayang naman!

aLONE but not LONEly said...

witsandnuts: In the first place abnormal yung date eh. lol

pokw4ng: Galing na ako sa magulong buhay kaya ayoko na. hehehe

Stunted Male: Now you know na. hehehe. I seldom talk about my sexuality kaya ganun.

Nuts: Mahirap magsulat agad. hehehe

Wait: Please wait.

Dyanie: Kapag pinagtuloy ko yun ang talagang sayang. Alam ko naman walang magandang patutunguhan yun. Uy excited na ako sa balik tambalan nila pang valantine.

lucas said...

it's really up to you red. don't mind the readers. the blog should benefit the blogger first. hehe1

i see you have interesting stories to tell. hehe

chubskulit said...

Wag naman private, we want to read your story too!

Nostalgic Marveling
Etcetera Etcetera
Spice up your LIFE!
Obstacles & Glories

aLONE but not LONEly said...

Lucas: Uy welcome back. Sige try ko i-share for the benefit of all.

aLONE but not LONEly said...

chubskulit: Sige. Thanks sa pagdaan at pagcomment.

Bagman and Butler said...

Well, of course, all of your followers are going to want to read it! I know I do! But Lucas is right -- it's up to you.

Blue Rose said...

hi red. parang ang tagal ko na palang nawala sa blogosphere. iba na pala name you dito. hehehe.

uhmmm...i'm curious about your exciting revelations/dating stories.