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Oct 23, 2009


One morning, I remembered a friend. We lost communication for more than a year already. We have a common friend and I asked him the former's new number. The later told me that they attended the birthday celebration of Mr. E. I guess that's the reason why he just popped on my mind. I got his new number and we exchanged text messages then.

MOI: Uy, punta ka dito. I'll treat you.

MR. E: Really? Can I bring my partner?

MOI: Sure.

"I'll bring someone for you para group date", he convinced me.

After a casual relationship I had for almost 2 years, I can say I married my job. I guess, it's time I have to be in dating game again. I know a friend wouldn't suggest someone who is harmful as my date. So I said YES!

MOI: Just tell me when you gonna be here so that I'll book a hotel for you stay overnight.

They came on Sunday night. We had a simple dinner and we went to the bar after to have some drinks while listening to the band of the night. The place was not that crowded because it was Sunday night.

They left at 7am the following day. I had a wonderful feeling. I've met a friend again and acquainted with someone. There are two dating tips (out of five) I learned from the movie "THE UGLY TRUTH".

1. Don't criticize
5. Be happy

When I was on my way to work, I received a text message.

"Nasa office ka na? Si M*** pala 'to. Can we meet again? Just the two of us." be continued


Reena said...

i want to knwo the continuation na. :D

i learned a lot from the ugly truth din. hahaha.. well, actually, na-refresh lng memories ko.

nuts said...

aaawww... teka, teka bakit nga ba di ko napanood ang ugly truth? dapat kaya para super relate ako.. bitin.. haha. anyways, i've got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a goodnight... :D

wait said...

kaw pala si "alone but not lonely"
nalilito ako sa pseudonym mo hehe
redlan... missing... kaw rin ba yun hehe : )

witsandnuts said...

I want to see The Ugly Truth pero natatamad ako manood sa cinema ngayon. I'll catch on DVD na lang pag meron na. Kakabitin naman post mo, to be continued. =)

Barry said...


And it's amazing what you can learn from movies!

Bagman and Butler said...

Ah! You now have everyone's undivided attention waiting for Chapter 2.

NanU said...


yep, Be Happy!

princess_dyanie said...

napanood ko na din ang ugly truth! ang naalala ko eh laugh at every word he says! hahaha! :p

yiheeeeeeee!!! asan na kasunod?

~JarieLyn~ said...

It's a cliff hanger.

Dennis Villegas said...

I'm waiting for the continuation of this story! What would a "friend" mean? Friend as in friend or more than friends?