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Oct 7, 2009


At the outset, forgive me. I was not able to update this blog even I really wanted to. I lost my excitement and I feel my life is boring nowadays.

I am thinking so many things regarding work, love life, the rest of lives around the world including the problem of others that I supposed not to think and care about. Whaha.

I really wonder why I am feeling like I have PMS. In the first place I don't have any idea how it feels to be like. I am not a girl, not a woman. Maybe what I am feeling right now is just a sign of old age.

Or maybe this book affects my unbecoming behavior at the moment. I read tips on this book like how to avoid obesity and maintain ideal weight... and I lost my appetite. And the tip how to stop insomnia makes me to have sleepless nights.

Here are tips how to avoid obesity and maintain your ideal weight:

* Don't take water together with meals.
* Don't drink water 15 minutes before and after meals.
* Exercise 3-5 times weekly.
* To be physically fit only involves time management and self discipline.

On the other hand, you can stop insomnia with this tip

Record the sound of ocean waves. During day time especially while at work, play the record. Record the sound of nature like sea breeze, and the chirping of the birds. Play the record at bedtime.

Thanks to ETA for giving me this book.


p0kw4ng said...

wag mong hangadin ang PMS ekek at nakakaloka yun..ahahaha!

salamat sa tips!

nuts said...

perfect post for me.. tamang tama to sa kin.. :D kelangan ko matulog at magpapayat.. thanks for the tips!

Nash said...

i agree exercise 3-5 yimes a week actually this weekend I have a "body weight" check up with somebody from Fitness first he will be advising me how much will it cost me for the whole training

the donG said...

great tips red. truth is i only sleep maximum of 6hours a day. mostly just five hours. dont have insomnia though but i lack sleep.

AJ said...

how about treadmill/jogging routine? or massage? it would complement the book. we all experience that "boring stage" dont worry, but there are sure many cool ways to get back in tune and in tip top shape.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Thanks Redlan!