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Sep 14, 2009


I just want to say

My life is getting busy. I don't know what to do first. I can't rest even on Sunday. Fortunately, I was able to watch Kimmy Dora last Saturday. I ate and laughed alone. I worked until 1:00 am and went to church to attend the mass on Sunday morning. I went out of town in the afternoon for a work appointment and work at home again until 12:00 midnight. Today, I worked the whole day. My table#12 is a mess as expected. So tired. My office mate treated me because it's her birthday.

Until now, something bothered me. I have a lot of questions in mind but only an expert can answer it or people with the same situation like mine.

(Ito na lang, mukha ba akong fag with this haircut? Mukha ba akong bato?)


nuts said...

oh, first commenter! saved!

nuts said...

wow, busy redlan as always. pero at at least napanood mo Kimi Dora. so disappointed nga mga bata ng weekend at di nila napanood. we'll try to watch na lang siguro other movie kung di na makahabol pa. showing na tom ang "in my life." (excited)

recel said...

visiting you here Red! sorry it's been so long. i hope evrything's well for you. :)

ganda nga pala ng shot ng header mo! i like it!

PUSANG-gala said...

hmmm---bat ka po nagpagupit ng maigsi? late na ata for summer? hehe

p0kw4ng said...

pero mas gusto ko ang busy kesa sa wala akong maisip na gawin...lalo kasing kakatamad yun!


Nash said...

take a break i mean free yourself at least one day try to relax

try to find time for yourself "enough of the work" on weekends

lucas said...

can't say... buhok at hairline lang pinakita mo eh... hehehe! pareho na tayo ng hairstyle! apir!

Allen Yuarata said...

I also love to have my hair cut short. But not as short as that one.

Pero mukhang bagay naman e.

ganda nga ng Kimmy Dora. tawa din ako ng tawa. haha!

Nash said...

droppin' by again

mukha namang bagay ang kalbo well

kasi ano ayun basta haha :P

coolwaterworks said...

Hmm... daw dugay ko wala nakabisita ba...

So you had a new haircut. New look, new beginning... :)

Dahan dahan lang sa work, mahirap ang maburn-out... :)

God bless!