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Sep 1, 2009


I heard Christmas song early in the morning today. It's the start of BER month obviously. I am not yet ready for Christmas especially when it's about gift-giving. I have to jot down the godchildren I have. Dami na! Not to mention the nieces and nephews and my so called baby.

Anyways, I started my Ber month with preparation and excitement. It's not too late to plan my schedule again and again. I always have a resolution every month. Some fulfilled, some I failed to do. I have so much excitement this September. I can't wait to watch the movie of John Lloyd Cruz, one of the Philippines' hottest youg actor with tender juicy hotdog, Luis "Lucky" Manzano and Ms. Vilma Santos. I love ABS-CBN. I love Star Cinema! I bet Lloydie will be the Best Actor in some acting awards for the said movie and the Mother and Son.

It's late to post but I want to thank Mark of COOLWATERWORKS for the package. This is it! I did not win his blogsary contest but as an appreciation of joining, he gave two 8x12 photos(one I chose and the one his favorite with his signature) as a token.

Spell LBC. Capital H A R I N G P A D A L A

Thanks to you Mark! :-)

Lastly, advance happy birthday to LawStude, BlueRose and Nuts! Wish you all the best in life.


coolwaterworks said...

You're welcome Red! :)

I hope you liked them... :)

ifoundme said...

wow! congratulations to you... pwede share ta? hihihi!

siyetehan said...

ber na nga.

tuloy na tuloy na ang pasko!

the donG said...

yihaa! another gift! hehehe... kulit talagang may spelling pa.

gaganda pa ng mga pictures!

p0kw4ng said...

congrats red!

gustong gusto ko yang tulay na yan!

sheng said...

wow, nice naman. it's been awhile na wala akong natanggap from the mail.

jeanny said...

I glad it September at lapit na talga ang Pasko. :)

Enjoy your day Redlan

REDLAN said...

Mark: It's a treasure! Thanks so much.

IFoundMe: Bawal ang sharing. Hehehe. Joke.

Siyetehan: Thanks sa pagdaan at pag-comment. Pasko na talaga. Hindi na mapipigilan.

Dong: Uy mustah ang first day of work in makati?

Pokw4ng: Thanks. Yan ang pfave photo ni Mark.

Sheng: Baka sa Pasko dami in a bunch.

Jeanny: Sakit sa ulo marami akong inaanak. lol

Thanks sa comment guys!

Dennis Villegas said...

Advance Merry Christmas, Red. Those photos are cool!

nuts said...

ooohhh, thanks red, (cozy) touch naman ako. thanks sa lahat ng suporta mo sakin (feeling artista ah) sa blog ko and sa lahat... thanks talaga.. (teary eyed)

witsandnuts said...

I have to prepare stuff for my godchildren, too. Too bad I can't meet them this December.

REDLAN said...

Dennis: Galing yan kay Mark.

NUts: Happy happy Birthday!

witsandnuts: Masakit sa ulo. Butin na lang may internet no?

Allen Yuarata said...

hehe. pareho tayo ng canister kuya. meron din ako nito. hehe.

AJ said...

meri xmas ninong. hayan, ikw ang una kong binati. ps: fan ka rin pala ni ate v :)


Damu gifts nya ba!

(padugang dugang lang ni comments ko. LOL)

Blue Rose said...

galing! congrats redlan. at maraming salamat sa advance greetings!