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Aug 2, 2009


There was life after the presidency through the Ninoy Aquino Foundation, former President Corazon "Cory" Cojuangco Aquino pursued her involvement with nongovernement organizations. She made occasional forays into "people power" politics. And she painted. Her paintings were not for sale. She usually gave them away as gifts. Here paintings were done in acrylic and oil. The paintings were mostly of flowers and women's faces.

Some of her paintings:

*A COLORFUL LIFE (2007)- could sum up the life and times of a widow who, through a dramatic historical turn of events, came into her own.

*BATTERED WOMAN (2005)- is different from all the rest because of its jagged strokes and sad colors.

*SYMPHONY IN GREEN (2003)- is a cascade of green roses.

*FOUR SISTERS (2003)- shows four women who represent her four daughters, Maria Elena, Aurora Corazon, Vitoria Eliza and Kristina Bernadette.

*ON MEMORY LANE (2002)- is a young woman in yellow, leaning on a tree. The image resembled her showbiz celebrity daughter Kris.

*A NEW RALLY ATTIRE (2002)- shows a woman in a yellow get up.

*TIME TO PRAY (2001)- shows a flower covered hill with steps leading to a big cross.

Your great memories will remain in our hearts forever.

Thanks to Reena for the yellow ribbon.


Reena said...

i saw some of her paintings on tv before. they were nicely done. i didn't know that she gives them away. that's a very sweet gesture on her part.

nuts said...

i watched morning show "Umagang kay Ganda" yesterday at nakita ko some of her flower paintings. meron din na yellow roses. napaka thoughtful niya to give her own paintings as a gift to her close friends and acquaintances.

Dennis Villegas said...

Yes Tita Cory is indeed a good artist--i saw some of her works on tv.

Rest in peace Tita Cory

Fjordan Allego said...

hindi ko alam kung alin sa mga painting na yan yung alam kong isang painting na iniregalo niya sa isang kapitbahay niya.. napanood ko yun sa isang Special para kay Tita Cory sa TV...

lucas said...

i'm not surprised na 'CORY POST' ka din... hays... almost everyone is affected by this loss. May she rest in peace-- the very thing she deserved and had fought for.

nuts said...

good friday morning.. i have something for you.. kreativ award .. :)and I think you deserve this award..

Jerick (the former Curbside Puppet) said...

sana one day makapunta ako sa isang gallery ng works niya