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Aug 30, 2009


This will be a quick update. I am not feeling well. I have migraine. Tomorrow is holiday but time really runs so fast! They say it's a long weekend but for me it's not. It is because I have a lot of things to do. Yet, I tried to visit somewhere out of town tomorrow if the weather will permit me to.

Last week, I was like searching a needle in the farm. I was actually looking for a particular books of accounts. It made me to fixed my things in the office. Fortunately, I found it on the files on my own table. Too bad! Aside from that, I felt that my bag was already heavy. It needed to fix too. Here's the what I call trash inside my bag.

I have some labeled plastic envelope. It's again fixed. Yes it is! I don't about the next week. Lol.
The Philippine flag notebook serves as my planner where I jot down or record important details. It is really a big help to me. I can find the important informations easily.

That's Lloydie in service, my bag. It is fixed again.

I still manage to continue my postcrossing project. It's nice to send and receive some postcards to and from around the world every week.

I planned to manage my time and work schedule this coming September and onward. My calender is ready. I also want to give more attention to this blog. It's so ashame that for this month I have only 11 posts and this update is the 12th.

Enjoy your holiday guys!


hotel in prague said...

Good posting...I'mlooking forward for your next coming updates...

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I need to be more organized. <><

nuts said...

oh my hahaha. I have 16. and i had 4 post added yesterday para at least half of the days of the month..(haha)

Lloydie in service? ahaha. meron ako organizer bag dito. if you're watching tv shopping, yun sakto ang meron ako, nakakaaliw gamitin pero, para sa kin di talaga siya organizer bag kasi magulo pa din.

Anonymous said...

wow!! very organized ba.... dapat ikaw gali akon role model. hehehhe1

princess_dyanie said...

aba! may lloydie ka rin ah! haha! ;)

kate said...

Interested in a postcard from Kansas? Let me know and I'll send one your way :)