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Aug 13, 2009


Note: Some words in this post are not suitable for children.

I still lost my brain and I don't know how to regain all the REs. refrain, restore, reunited, repeat, revive, react. If I will type all the res in my mind, I think this will be the longest post ever on this blog. The problem is I don't know... I lost my interest in blogging. Farm town is not actually the reason behind. In fact, I am so grateful I tried farming. I am thankful I found plurk and twitter. And most of all I am lucky to meet virtual friends.

I am still looking for the vcd/dvd of the movie "MALING AKALA". I admit I like Victor Basa but it's the story I want to know if it's the same story of mine. This is in connection of my previous plurk messages.

It is hard for me to deny something/someone. But it is painful to discover something or someone you learned to love is not truly yours. (wrong grammar, I don't know how to contruct this sentence. Forgive me.)

I have to accept the fact that I am fooled. You are (u know who u r) PS! You should FY!!!

"Maling akala"... ginawang tanga. PS (bringit)

But a couple of people told me something about acceptance last night.

"Sometimes we lie because the truth hurts so much."- Sam Milby

"Suffering is an option; happiness is a choice."- Derek Ramsay

I am not used to talk about my personal problem to other people. But don't worry, I will be okay soon. I proved that I am harmless, I am not guilty and most of all I am a virgin. (lol)

To all my virtual friends here, THANK YOU!


witsandnuts said...

Me, too, I don't regret I got addicted to Farm Town. Heehee. Though there was a point I neglected my other online activities, especially blogging because of that.

Naeencourage tuloy akong panoorin yung movie ni Derek. Btw, the hurt will pass. =) Take care.

Blue Rose said...

i'm sending you some virtual hugs redlan. take care always! time will heal. sabi nga ni bro, may bukas pa.

Reena said...

what! ano ba nangyari? lovelife ba ito? i-PM mo nlng sa amin. Hehe...

anyway, whatever it is, time heals all wounds. :) take care red. we'll always be here to listen.

rara said...

aw why? sir red? maybe you need some rest. take a break muna. sometimes kasi you dont need to blog kasi maraming tao ang naghhintay ng posts mo. nakakapressure din naman yun minsan, and farm town naman is definitely not the reason talaga, kaya take your time sir red.

the donG said...

relax lang muna. let not blogging control you. as for your concerns, dadaan lang yan.

princess_dyanie said...

red!!! may namiss ba ko? at anu to ha?? remember, kung wala kang makausap, andito lang ako okay? :)

kung anu man yan, lilipas din yan! everything happens for a reason. :)

so anu naman masasabi mo sa HOTness ni Derek? dba dba hotness talaga sha! :P

o sha ingat! galing samin ni lloydie yan ahahahaha! :)

Patty said...

Take a break. Take a vacation and be well. Happiness 'is' a choice. So choose happiness and "Don't be worry, be happy."

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Happiness is the main thing! Life is too short not to be happy!

Lawstude said...

dumadating din talaga sa buhay ng tao ang mga problema, hold on red, keep the faith.

nuts said...

thanks red, alam mo ba pinapangiti mo ko lagi sa mga updates at post mo.
ganyan talaga life, ako nga di ko rin alam minsan, dumadaan nalang na sobrang sad ako pero di ko alam ano dahilan.. oh smile na ha.. :-)