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Jul 10, 2009


First off, I would like to thank my postcard friendship family. I received more comments and it overwhelmed me so much! Thank you guys! I really appreciate it!

Today, another exciting Postcard Friendship Friday again. I am sharing my collection of Philippine national stamps. You can click the image to enlarge for better view.


Marie Reed said...

I think of this event as a happy family too and look forward to each Friday! *grin* I certainly love overwhelming you with comments! That's what PFF is all about:) This is wonderful. Thank you for giving me the chance to properly gawk at stamps from the Philippines! You handwriting is so neat and nice too!

Debby said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful stamps. I love Friday also, fun to see everyones card and all the info they share.

Sheila said...

Those are such very attractive stamps, and I love the way you have displayed them. Our normal stamps are so very dull.

Mandala Michelle said...

Thanks for showing all those groovy stamps. The layout is nice too!

Margo said...

what lively and lovely stamps... I love how the flag is on each one and how cheery they feel. Greetings from South Carolina. Happy PFF! Glad you are participating! (I do, most Fridays :)

nuts said...

Nice stamps! I used to collect before in my younger years, san na kaya napunta mga yun.. ang galing ng handwriting mo, saludo ako!!!

Robin said...

I am real late getting out and about to everyone's blog this week. I've been out of town and have had little time to play. But I'm glad I stopped by today. Your stamps are lovely. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Hope you and yours have had a beautiful weekend

Beth Niquette said...

How VERY interesting.

I'm sorry I am coming by so late for Postcard Friendship Friday. My parents were involved in a roll-over accident on the freeway and are both now recovering, leaving little time for blogging. I had a few minutes just now, though, so here I am.

Happy PFF!