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Jul 18, 2009


I celebrated my last birthday on the beach. I invited some personal friends to join me. It was one of the memorable moments in my life. We had so much fun. We went island hopping and swimming all day.

I like the beach very much. And I planned to go to the beach again on my next birthday. There are lots of beautiful beaches here in the Philippines but I decided to go outside the country to make it different. I am not getting younger anymore. I have already chosen the place to go. I will have a trip to Myrtle Beach Resort. Myrtle Beach is a coastal resort city in Horry Country, South Carolina, United States. It has rapidly developed into a major tourist destination in Southeastern United States. Myrtle Beach's economy is mostly tourism-based, with tourism bringing in billions of dollars each season. Aside from Myrtle Beach Resorts and Myrtle Beach Hotels, it has many different stores and malls. It is one of the largest shopping areas in the Southeastern United States and is the largest shopping destination in South Carolina. Myrtle Beach hosts a variety of special conventions, events, and musical concerts. It's really a perfect gateway for everybody!

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Blue Rose said...

good luck sa trip!