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Jun 26, 2009


I would like to say:

1. Thanks God It's Friday!
2. Thanks to Him for the wonderful creation.
3. Thanks to Debby of Germany for this week's theme for FRIDAY- MY TOWN SHOUT OUT.

I was happy to take this rainbow shoot. It's so rare!

the colorful Dinagyang festival

Roses are red, violets are blue...



violet and yellow

yellow and orange

red and green

are some colors of flowers.

blue, yellow and orange
the lights at night
they are outdoor rainbow colors.

Here's the rainbow collections:
my pastel colors

specialty papers

Olympic keychains

And this is the latest trend here in the Philippines
the magic crystal balls

the rainbow bottle

put some water

dip some magic crystal balls

wait an hour

they are getting big


and bigger!


Zaroga said...

Love the photos! Great color!

coolwaterworks said...

Red, surprising sago! Hahaha! Nalingaw ko... And I envy your pastels... Dumduman ko daw haluson ko makabakal sina sang una sa isa ko ka project sa college... :D

Btw, don't forget to pick a pic as your token for participating in my little contest. Thanks again!

Barry said...

I've never seen such a beautiful yellow colour in the sky! I'm just amazed! What a spectacular shot. Congratulations.

nuts said...

beautiful colors.. my kids have magic crystal balls too.. sabi nila me buhay daw kaya lumalaki. funny! :)

Reena said...

hi red. when's the dinagyang festival pala? btw, are those headpieces made of colorful dusters? hehe...very resourceful!:)

i've seen those balls that grow big. my nieces and nephews play with them. they even have spiders that grow as big as the palm!

enjoy the weekend.


Those magic crystal balls... are they edible?

Doreen said...

beautiful sky colors and love the real rainbow. so cool! the head dresses are very pretty and unique also. awesome post!!

REDLAN said...

Thanks Zaroga! You have great set of rainbow photo presentation too!

Coolwaterworks: I did pick two. Undecided yet which is the best. I am working with the second entry which is the post entry.

Barry: Thanks to you. I enjoyed your photos too. They're spectacularly amazing!

Nuts: Oo nga, usong uso yan ngayon.

Reena: Last sunday of January ang Dinagyang Festival. Hindi ko pa nakita yung mga insect crystals. Mahanap nga.

KJ: Ako lang kumakain. Nagta-transform ako. Narda! joke.

Dooreen: You have beautiful photos for the rainbow shoot out presentation. I love them!

GingerV said...

I want some magic crystals too - many years ago there were crystals for the kids but they were one color (yellow or blue) and not these wonderful colors all mixed. did you notice that my shoes are the same colors as you nature shots. man mimicing nature.

Anonymous said...

those orange and yellow flowers are really pretty.

those crystal balls are really cool!

NenNen said...

very colorful! Nice!

Gordon said...

I have never seen such beauty in a palm tree photo. Great job, Redlan!

Strawberry Girl said...

Fantastic job!! I loved seeing shots of the local culture, the rainbow, the art supplies, the flowers and you went out with a bang with the magic crystal balls! WoW!! ;D