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Jun 16, 2009


For more than 10 years of working in an accounting related company, I've noticed that every year there are additional work loads . There are new requirements in government agencies to be accomplished. The eight working hours everyday is not enough (not to mention the number of late I had every month lol). I can't catch up my work anymore. I am always running out my work schedule (as if I am a celebrity.)

I need to have TIME MANAGEMENT or have a WORK SCHEDULE for the month. I asked advices from my fellow bloggers/plurkers. It's worth to be a plurk addict. I got quick response, suggestions, and tips. Thanks to you guys! Dong Ho recommended me to have a planner. Actually I bought one for this year but I just keep it at home. I followed Dong Ho's idea to make a simple planner in excel format. I did and here it is. It serves as my reminder too!

I created it last Saturday, June 6. As you can see plurking was all I did the previous days.
My monthly work schedule is actually like this:

*1 to 9- Preparation of payroll, SSS, PHIC, Pag-ibig Fund, EWT and Withholding tax.

*10- Deadline of SSS, PHIC, Pag-ibig, EWT and Withholding tax.

*11-19- Preparation of VAT, Percentage tax and other taxes such as quarterly income tax (individual) to be filed on the 15th of the preceding quarter.

*20- Deadline of VAT & Percentage Tax.

*21-30/31- Bookkeeping, filing, printing, encoding of data for the submission of work reports.

For the result and update of this planner, I was able to greet my college friend on her birthday for the first time. I do my work in first thing first and step by step basis. No more, "I forgot to do it".

How do you manage your work and time?

My next mission is to go to work early. They say, "Early to bed, early to rise." And for me early to go to work, early to plurk."

Have a cold day to everyone!


the donG said...

great! with that im sure you'll accomplish more things. kakatuwa yung unang week. plurk plurk plurk lang.

good job redlan.

nuts said...

oh my GOD, hahaha.. --> "early to go to work, early to plurk."

RJ said...

Ayan naging mas organized ka pa nyan ngayon, Red. Noong nasa Pilipinas pa ako nagtatrabaho ginagawa ko rin yan, pero ngayong magmamanaok nalang ako, hindi na kailangan. Baka araw-araw ang nakasulat lang ay 'blogging'. U

Lawstude said...

don't you just love accounting?

... i don't :)

REDLAN said...

Dong: Thanks, sobrang effective nakakatawa dahil may na-accomplish talaga ako for the day. Plurk nga noong una.

Nuts: Kapag mag plurk pa ako before pumunta ng office, talagang mali-late ako. lol

RJ: Sobrang dami ng trabaho. Huhuhu. Somehow naging organized lang hindi mas organized. Hindi pa ako umabit dun. Mas maganda yung pa-blog-blog lang. Hindi bored hindi dahil wala naman masyadong updates ang kapwa nating mga blogero.

Lawstude: I really DON'T like accounting. Ni isang beses hindi ko inisip nun ang accounting. lol

bebskie said...

hi red.. how i wish maayos ko rin ang mga schedule ko.. thnxs sa mga tips.. miss u guys..

NenNen said...

Hahaha! So funny ah! PLURK man japon bida. I think I need to have a planner too. Sunod sunoran ko daan. Haha.

Strawberry Girl said...

Boy oh boy, brings back memories. I have a Bachelors degree in Accounting, and it is useless to me right now. (Too many accountants around the state) So now I am writing my heart out, (when I feel up to it) and learning about herbs - Go figure.

(Oi' and planners... gotta dig mine out again. I guess they work better when you don't have kids running around) ;D


Good thing I have people to remind me of my tasks. LOL!

They're my Human Organizers.

Allen Yuarata said...

You know what, my accounting professor this sem is giving me all the jitters. Then naalala ko bigla, sana pala ikaw na lang yung professor ko. Para uno kaagad. wahahahahaha!

My friend gave me a planner last christmas but I have no plans of using it. Haha! I love my life to be a little bit surprising everyday. hehe.

Goodluck with the planner! By the way, maganda din sa twitter. hehe ^^,

Blue Rose said...

kakatuwa naman! nagawa mo na agad yan. congrats red. kaya lang baka sa sunod na schedule mo puro nalang plurk nakalagay. CPA ka kasi. hehehe. *joke*