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Jun 11, 2009


In the ninth century B.C., the Phoenician princess Jezebel orders the execution of all the prophets who refuse to worship the pagan god Baal. Commanded by an angel of God to flee Israel, Elijah seeks safety in the land of Zerephath, where he unexpectedly finds true love with a young widow. But this new found rapture is to be cut short, and Elijah sees all of his hopes and dreams irrevocably erased as he is swept into a whirlwind of events that threatens his very existence.

The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho was published in 1996 and was his fourth major publication. In this book, Coelho has explored the manner in which the prophetic questioning of authority, rebellion and liberation, and thinking for oneself' are important in one's relationship with God and one's life work.

In my long search of what to give for my personal friend's birthday, I found this book at National Bookstore. It is almost perfect for her because:

1. She is fond of reading novel books.
2. Her favorite color is violet.
3. Her husband is an ex-seminarian. :-)


Reena said...

hi red! i miss you na. :)

i'm not particularly fond of paulo coehlo but i'm sure he is touching many hearts with his inspiring books. :)

and i hope your friend enjoys her birthday with this wonderful gift of yours. happy birthday to her. :)
you're such a sweetie red. )

tc and i'll be dropping by here as often as i can, okay? byeee happy weekend!

REDLAN said...

Welcome back Reena! Na-miss ka namin. SObra!

Hindi rin ako particular sa author at hindi ko rin alam at hindi ko pa nabasa kahit isang libro ni Paulo Coelho.

Happy Independence Day and a wonderful weekend ahead!

NenNen said...


Wow nainggit ako sa friend mo. Di ko pa nabasa ang book na yan. Am a big fan of Paulo Coelho. Have read few of his books.

So creative and genius ka talaga. I just think that gift is just perfect. Kung ako binigyan mo I'll be hysterically happy mahihimatay ako. Hehe.

nuts said...

You are very clever to find that gift for a friend. Even if I'm not Paulo Coelho fan, I sure am that book is great. Judging the book by the cover, it really is an inspiring one.

Btw, you made that gift really special, how did you do it? you are excellent in this field.

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi, not really sure if I'm actually new here, but anyway, I have that book, since hindi ako mahilig sa fiction, di ko pa natatapos till now, although based from the bible ang story. The thing is, I love Coelho's Like the flowing river.. Yun lng ata ang talagangnagustuhan ko sa mga libro nya, very inspiring.

I love the sunset shots below.. Ganda, sobra! And funny, magkamukha tayo ng aso, ahahaha!


lucas said...

hindi ko pa nababasa tong fifth mountain. ang dami na kasing books ni paolo eh. hehe! libro din ang gusto kong iregalo sakin..hehe! ehem!

oo nga eh! magenjoy ka rin! anong balak mo bukas? sarap magchillax...lalo na kaw. busy ka lagi eh..hehe! peace out!

jeanny said...

I love paolo coelho had read some books of his books and I so love it. Next to read ko yang 5th Mt. :)

Nice ng gift mo Your super sweet talaga. Kaya dami mong friends eh :)

Enjoy the long weekend Red :)