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Jun 1, 2009


The first gold coins in history were coined by Egyptian Pharaohs around 2,700 BC. These gold coins were used primarily as gifts and not for commerce. A gold coin is a coin made mostly of gold. It has been used for coins practically since the invention of coinage, originally, because of gold’s intrinsic value. Many factors determine the value of a gold coin, such as its rarity, age, condition and the number originally minted. Gold coins then had a very long period as a primary form of money. In modern times, most gold coins are intended either to be sold to collectors, or to be used as bullion coins whose nominal value is irrelevant and which serve primarily as a method of investing in gold. While obsolete gold coins are primarily collected for their value, gold bullion coins today derive their value from the metal (gold) content.

However, there are well made counterfeit gold coins in circulation. Like for example the St. Gaudens Double Eagle omega counterfeit is infamous for its complexity and has fooled many numismatics experts. There are other counterfeit double eagles in which the gold and copper alloy was not thoroughly mixed. These counterfeits will have a slightly mottled appearance. So it is important to be aware in buying gold coins and gold bullions. will help you in this concern online. They help those who are planning to buy gold coins and buy gold bullion in easiest way and fast accessible information. If you are a collector or just starting to buy gold coins or wish the gold ira transfer, is the right place for you.

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