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Jun 25, 2009


Akyat-Bahay is a Filipino term that means “climb up a house”. It is given by the popular press in the Philippines to one of a number of unrelated groups of thieves who break who break into private homes, and rob them of household appliances, furniture and other valuables. There are a lot of robbery cases that happens almost every day. The robbery gangs frequently do the evil job in the daytime because the households usually go to work. But in some cases there are members of the family at home during the robbery. One case was 23 year old lass fought off one of the members of the Akyat Bahay Gang who barged into their house to avoid being raped but she died. According to the report, after divesting them of their personal belongings, one of the suspects tried to rape her. When she refused to give in to the suspect’s lust, she was shot three times in the head, stomach and legs.

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