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May 2, 2009


One of the pogi bloggers tagged me this kind of meme. I was kinda busy so it's only this day I have time to do it. Here's now the tag Bry. It's late but better late than never they always say.

Here it goes:
(a) Write who tagged me,
(b) Answer the following questions:
(b1) my name/user name/pseudo
(b2) right-handed or left-handed?
(b3) my favorite letters to write
(b4) my least favorite letters to write
(b5) and I should write "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
(c) Tag five other people.

Some people told me that I have a nice handwriting even I am a left-handed writer. They don't know that it took me sometime to practice a kind stroke. I believed then that constant practice makes it perfect opposite to what Ai-Ai de las Alas said on her last movie that "But then again, nobody's perfect so why practice?" Ha-ha. My handwritten practice session happened during high school. We had transferees from Assumption. As we all know that they execute one and only uniform handwriting. I also tried to imitate their handwriting but came up with the unique stroke I found in an art handwriting book about art stokes, whatever. It all started when I first wrote an admiration letter for my junior high school mate. Since then, I am used to write that specific handwriting stroke.

I even wrote some admiration letters for celebrities. And I kept their replies on a photo scrapbook. It is one of the memories that make me smile.

I was a fan of Universal Motion Dancers.

This one was an autograph and photo of Harvey Gomez. I don't know his whereabouts now. He is the same age of Judy Ann Santos. I have also a reply letter from Anthony Suntay, the PBA host. Ha-ha. Those were the days. I know you also have your own letter story.

Recently, I discovered a blog that promotes handwriting and I love it! It encourage me to do again the thing I used to do before which is letter writing. It's the 365 letters.


princess_dyanie said...

ay sino yung harvey? di ko sya matandaan hehe ;)

yes yes yes may design pa talaga ah haha ;P

Sreisaat said...

Hello Red, good to see you back! I love snail-mails even if we now have emails, etc. I guess you can say I'm old-fashioned at heart :) This is why I joined postcrossing. 365 letters looks interesting, bisitahon ko danay didto.

Btw, indi sigurado nga diri makadto si MamaGirl, depende pa na kun diin siya i-assign sang VSO. But I am hoping na tani diri lang sa Cambo.

sheng said...

ang cute talaga ng handwriting mo red...

RJ said...

Talagang sinusulatan mo pala talaga ang mga hinahangaan mong tao, Red. Nasaan ang kay Anthony Suntay?

Pero pinakamaganda pa rin ang handwritting mo sa mga sulat-kamay na nakita ko sa post mong ito.

coolwaterworks said...

Indeed, you have a beautiful penmanship Red... :)

I seldom see good handwriting from left handed people... And you are one of those nice exceptions.

Reena said...

wow, showbiz!

i kept a lot of letters too! but none from celebrities. mostly from family and friends...(and ex boyfriends) hahaha...

galing naman, you received a reply from anthony suntay. so i guess he's a nice guy huh? :)

lucas said... have very fine handwriting red! pwedeng pang-hallmark! parang letter writing, which i love to do using broad pens...

i was tagged with this one before...

the donG said...

medyo unique nga sulat mo. hindi ko sguradon kung binase mo to sa isang font.

ako dati script ang sulat pero simula high school hindi na.

Blue Rose said...

ganda nga ng handwriting mo red. ako, right-handed nga. pangit pa rin sulat lalo na kapag wala ako sa mood. *hahahaha*

Anonymous said...

wow, pang speedball lettering ang penmanship ni Kuya Red.

Sorry I have to take a leave Kuya Red, until now di pa naayos internet sa bahay, lumipat kasi kami! :)

Meron din akong maraming inaayos, heehehe

Thanks for doing the tag! sa opis lang ako nakakapag OL

Thanks ulet and TC


Uve got cool handwriting RED!

I have Ed Furlong's signed foto.

hmmm... I mite post something about him soon.

Web Development Company UK said...

Thanks for Everything's.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

waaaaah! ganda naman ng handwriting mo Red!