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May 29, 2009


Water covers 71% of the Earth's surface.
On earth, it is found mostly in ocean and other large water bodies.

Other land surface water such as



and ponds

hold 0.6%.

The Philippine territorial waters measure as much as 1.67 million square kilometers, producing a unique, and diverse marine life.

Philippines comprises 7,107 islands in the western Pacific Ocean.

I was baptized with the holy water.

And I love to drink sweet n' creamy coffee every morning.

The first flood hit our city way back in 2007. I made a paper boat.

This is the real boat.
There are water recreation such as swimming and boat racing. Here in our city we have "Paraw Regatta" every summer.

I am a Piscean and I really love going to the beach.
beach view in the morning

noontime beach view

I love watching the sunset on the beach.

peaceful night on the beach

the long seashore

the disturbing waves

My high school friend and I did the "I carry the world" pose.

I love to swim on the beach with my friends and family.




The dog can swim too!

This post is all about water by Hensly- this weeks theme in FRIDAY- MY TOWN SHOOT OUT.


NenNen said...

Nice shots Redlan. Water is my element too!

Barry said...

Beautifully done. Water is such a sensual medium and you have captured its joy and the pleasure it brings to our lives.

Owl Eng said...

Philippines is absolutely beautiful!!!The landscape and water are really scenic. after seeing your nice shots, i have an urge to visit there. I love the boats. they are so beautiful with the paintings on the sails...

Jama said...

Philippines has some beautiful scenic beaches, I only been to Manila once, hopefully I get a chance to visit your beach resorts soon. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Patty said...

All the photos are spectacular. The boats are beautiful, and I love the little flood boat. The bridge is great with the yellow balls.

You compositions are right on, and your colors are magnificent. You captured you corner of the world perfectly, and it was a joy to go on your guided tour.

Nice family you have there!

Keisha said...

Lovely photos! I love to watch boat races.

bebskie said...

hi red.ganda ng kuha u. saan ni xa banda? guam ni xa na spots?amazing and very cool..

princess_dyanie said...

yay! i love sunsets too!

nakasakay na ko ng paraw! nung nag bora kami! weeeeee! :)

Zaroga said...

Gorgeous photos! I really enjoyed viewing them.

nuts said...

It's all about water.. My signos is water..:(

Ung #3 picture, is that you and your family? Beautiful!

Great post!

Doreen said...

wonderful series of water shots. beautiful area you live, paradise.

Gordon said...

What a paradise! Thank you for sharing with us. Your family is blessed to have you.
Walk With Faith

J9 said...

Fabulous job on these shots. I especially love the sunset pic as that is my favorite time of day at the beach!

mel said...

Where is this Kuya Red? totoo bang kapag Piscean mahilig sa beaches? So paano na ako? Aries ako, so mahilig ako sa apoy? nyahaha