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May 6, 2009


I do my assignment before I am going to sleep. I'm not back in school nor doing my work assignment. What you are reading now is actually my assignment. I don't want to waste much time online. Because I know I would end up doing nothing.

I stopped typing when I saw the "daily bread". I should read today's inspirational message before midnight. Then I stopped reading when I remembered I have to check my planner. May be I forget to pay any bills which is due today. Then I remembered that I have to get the receipt of stuffs I purchased last week inside my wallet and transfer it on the bill transparent envelope. I don't want to forget anything unpaid on its due date. For some reasons, I don't want to pay the interest and I don't want to be pissed off to receive calls from call center agents demanding I should pay my bills ASAP. I never experience such situation yet. But sometime early in the afternoon, someone called up.

"Hello?", I answered the phone while reviewing my work.

"Hello, may I talk to Ms. E," a middle aged lady's voice on the other line.

ME: "Oh, sorry, she's sleeping."

Middle aged lady: I called up an hour ago and someone told me she's sleeping. Until now, she is still sleeping!? Until what time your break will be?"

ME: "Twelve to two pm. It's quarter to two."

LADY: "Wow, ang galing naman. What a long break! I think I will apply in you company. (sounds insulting). Ba't kayo hindi tulog?"

ME: We have a choice to sleep or not to sleep during our break. I have so may work to do pa. Ms. E is tired.

LADY: Ano ba siya dyan, kargador?"

ME: (Biglang uminit ang tenga ko.) "If you don't believe me then go here."

LADY: "You are all liars!"

Me: "Huwag kang mag-accuse."

LADY: "What's your name?"

ME: "Why?"

LADY: "I want to talk to your boss."

ME: "He's not here."

LADY" Is this bastos L and L?" (She mentioned two names.)

ME: "Ikaw ang bastos."

LADY: "Ha? Ikaw?! Ha-ha."

"Blag!"I need to cut off the conversation by banging the phone as if I slap it on her face.

The phone rang again. I just ignored it.

I can say not all call center agents are rude and not all income tax preparers are liars.


claire said...

that lady was really rude.. tsk tsk tskk

princess_dyanie said...

grabe naman yun :P

Mac Callister said...

weird call naku kairita yun ganun haha

jeanny said...

grabe..kakainit nga ng ulo!!!!ra


That's harrassment. Someone should file a complaint against her.