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Apr 14, 2009


I feel I was away from blogging for two weeks (two days actually) now. I am busy as I always say but this time I can say I am very very very busy. My table (photo below) can show how busy I am. Although I admit, my table is always a mess.

Before my office mate went home the other day, she reminded us that the empty boxes will be all hers. She surprised to see the boxes on her table the today. My office mates are weird especially during hectic, busy and pressured days like this Income-Tax- filing season.

As off the record, one of my officemates collapsed tonight. She is resting right now. We are still in the office. They are working and I am blogging (just a break). Coffee helps a lot. I can assure you I belong to Cullen family now. I didn't sleep since last night. Now I have what they call it tantalizing eyes.

I missed a lot of things because I stay inside, sitting and working the whole day in the office. I can't show you the real scenario. Just imagine someone is printing, two oldies are taking a nap, San Pedra (she is the one responsible of locking doors of our office) is posting. Another one watching the online reply of Tayong Dalawa. Even children are here to help their mothers- a nurse who automatically become an accountant beside her is her shobi browsing her friendster account. Another daughter sitting on the floor sorting the attachments of a business corporation. There are 12 number of pages to set, can you imagine that? And I am still here updating my blog.

I can't see the sun as it rises every morning because that time I am still awake or still taking a cat's nap.

I missed to watch the beautiful summer sunset for I am still in the office till midnight.

I missed to roam and window shop at SM City.
I missed to visit my so called hideout from stress and pollution.
And I missed to watch T2 on its first day of screening. I missed to see Eric Fructouso who once my Gwaping idol. I missed to see Maricel Soriano scared of mga Engkanto plus the best appearance of Mica de la Cruz. I've heard the movie gross income was 50 million on its first day of showing. I know it will be extended. So I am looking forward to watch it next week.

Because of my current mode, I thought of quitting. I am tired and not totally happy on the things I am doing for more than ten years. I learned to love my work but now I am tired of it. I even thought to quit blogging too. But before I do or come up with the final decision, I want to thank Halfcrazygirl for the award, Bry for tagging me, Blue rose for the special feature and appreciation, who else? Thanks to Zj for sending another postcard and to all my blogging friends here. Thank you! Now I have to sleep. I hope I will wake up the next day with a new life. No pressure, no deadline.

I have to say good night for now with the question: Why you keep blogging or what's the reason to stay?


Blue Rose said...

thank you also redlan.

please don't quit. ganyan talaga ang buhay. take your time and enjoy.

we love yah friend.

the donG said...

it's definitely a NO to quit blogging redlan. just do what you can do. love blogging. i dont know with your work though but i think there's always a better option. think about it.

Sreisaat said...

Hi Red... your post reminded me of a poster that one of my university roommates had on her side of the wall. It goes this way:

If you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang in there...So just hang in there, my friend. What you are currently experiencing shall soon pass :)

Reena said...

thanks for the birthday greeting. i'll drop by again soon. no time to read this post and the previous posts yet. but i already noticed the photos of eric fructuso and carmina villaruel. eric was my!

""rare*jonRez"" said...

grabe! walang kapantay ang ka-bz-han mo Red! hmmm.... but it shall pass my friend! kasi nga, tax-filing season eh kaya dami nyo talaga stock up na trabaho. when all these shall be over, then you'll have plenty of time to do those things which always make you smile! i am sure blogging is one of those things, so definitely, no-no to quitting! hehe...

Fjordan Allego said...

I agree with kuya dong. NO to QUIT BLOGGING. lalo na para sa akin, outlet ko na to. parang bahagi na ng buhay ko yung blog ko. kahit saan man ako magpunta, siya yung unang nakakaalam. so definitely, hindi ako titigil sa pagbablog.

kaya mo yan kuya red! after siguro ng work loads mo, pwede ka nang magbakasyang engrande! hehehe..

Dennis Villegas said...

You deserve to take a break! But not to blogging! Stay blogging, Red!

sheng said...

Stay blogging red, i am an ardent and avid fan...

Wildnet Technologies said...

Great Podcast! I most certainly wouldn't give up :)