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Mar 12, 2009


I love taking stolen shots. So here's some of funny photos during our Guimaras island hopping adventure.

After watching Bb. Pilipinas last Saturday night, an aspiring candidate showed us how to win the said title next year.

i was about to poo.

Now you see who wear my clothes. She is my officemate's daughter who forgot to bring her swimwear. She can't resist the clear water ey.

I had to hide myself then.

Thanks for the great time guys. I had fun with you!


lucas said...

ang sarap mag-swimming! summer na summer na talaga! wohoooooohuhuhu! i hate the hot weather.

RJ said...

Hahaha! Kung hindi mo sinabi na may nagsuot ng damit mo, Red, hindi ko napansin. Kaya pala sabi mo sa previous post mo may mga funny photos na parating. U

Blue Rose said...

hahaha! ang saya-saya naman. so, sya pala ung mermaid sa previous post mo. hehehe.

caryn said...

wow redlan, inggit ako! i've never been to guimaras before! ;-)