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Mar 6, 2009


It's 12:55 am. I am just resting. I am afraid to sleep because I'm just finished eating my dinner. I am fond of thinking than talking. I am crazy if I do the latter since I am all alone at the moment. Thinking happy memories is a good brain exercise than thinking about what lies in the future. But thinking become useless if you will not write about it. That's why I am typing it right now.

Yesterday was a stressful day for me. I worked hard the whole day. I was so busy and be busy until the end of April. I even forgot my college close friend's birthday the other day. I only remembered it when she forwarded a text message (nagparamdam ang lola) to me. Friends always understand each other. Sometimes being forgetful is good because almost a month I consumed my cellphone load. And as I've mentioned on my previous post that being forgetful may be a sign of old age. I am getting there. Time flies so fast!

Last year when I went home, I photographed this shrub. It was colored green. When I went home again this month, its color turned brown.

Before I called this "ensaymada" in the province. It's free but I can't eat it. Now, I am getting tired of eating ensaymada bread in the city but I have to buy it.

When I was a kid, I was responsible to tie up the goat while he was eating grass on the field. When I grew up, I don't mind goat( gossipers) eating grass anymore.

But I can't control myself to simply smile every time I see this stuff in the office.

I conclude therefore that not all plants are green, not all you call ensaymada is edible. But believe me, a stool can walk that sometime it's hard to find it.

Yes, oo, huo. Because sometimes my officemate is asking:

"Sin-o nagkuha sang siya diri?"
"Sino ang kumuha ng silya dito?"
"Who stole the stool here?"

My reply:
Ambot (Hiligaynon).
Ewan (Tagalog).
I don't know (English).

It's Friday!

Before: It's TGIF! (Thanks God it's Friday!)
Now: It's TBIF! (Thanks Bro it's Friday!)

(This post is still part of the 13 boring days of my life.)

Have a happy weekend ahead everyone!

(This post is still part of the 13 boring days of my life.)


Blue Rose said...

hahaha. tawa ako ng tawa sa post mong ito red. ensaymada tawag mo jan? ako tawag ko jan dati malaking tinapay hindi ko pa kilala ensaymada eh. at ang silya, hahaha patawa kailangan may tali talaga ha.

happy weekend!

PUSANG-gala said...

natuwa naman ako sa before and after na yan bat naman tinapatan mo ng favorite ko na tinapay yung tuyong tae ng baka.?lol


Nice post RED! !3 boring days? Join the club!

Think of 13 imaginary friends and invite them in your pad. That'll make your life exciting! lol!

Dennis Villegas said...

heheh Ebs ng Kalabaw yun ah..naalala ko na nakatapak ako niyan sa Marinduque, hmmm di siya kasing baho ng ebs ng tao...

In fairness, malaking pakinabang niyan sa mga magsasaka at sa atin..magandang fertilizer

Christian Bryan said...

Its a dung bread! lol

takot ako sa goat Kuya Red! hahahaha

I remember visiting a farm in Batangas. sabi sakin nung nag-aalaga sa mga kabayo may newly born na kabayo daw so punta naman ako sa kwadra. nung papunta nako, I was ambushed by goats yung may mga sungay pa!

diko na 2loi nakita yung kabayo! hahahaha

Mrs T said...

nakakatawa yang silya na nakatali, LOL!

Sreisaat said...

Utoy-utoy ko kadlaw ba!
I miss the ensaymada (ang tinapay ha!), thanks for reminding me. I am glad to know that there are other people out there risking themselves to be called crazy just so their office chairs don't get stolen. Bahala na hambalon na buang basta may pulungkuan. Hahaha. Ang galing ng comparison mo - ang kambing at ang chair. BOW!

Have a great weekend, Red :)

the donG said...

buhay na buhay tong post na to. hahaha... kengkoy ka red.

""rare*jonRez"" said...

hehehe... nakakaaliw!
ewwww doon sa first ensaymada mo! yan ba yung free? no thanks! lol

maganda ka pala ma-bored Red kasi u can come up with beautiful entries to post here. ako wala talaga! lol

nuts said...

bravo! paano mo nagagawa ikonek post na ganito.. isa kang henyo!!

keep up a boring life, nagiging artistic ka lalo. :)