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Mar 23, 2009


It’s summer here in the Philippines! There are many outdoor activities to do during this season. There are some workshops like cooking, painting, swimming etc. I enrolled in some activities in previous years and I am thinking something new for this year and that is driving. Driving is one of the important factors to learn. It is required to have driving lessons for there are rules to obey which applies to all drivers. An effective driver also has an intuitive understanding of the basics of vehicle handling.

My friend who is in Australia told me that there are a lot of Sydney driving schools. They teach and demonstrate how to apply the rules of the road and how to be an effective driver. They emphasize that a driver must be able to control direction, acceleration, and deceleration.


RJ said...

Hindi ka pa ba nagda-drive, Red?! Sige magandang matuto ka ngang magmaneho.

Speaking of Australian driving... whew! Mahirap kumuha ng driver's licence dito! May dalawang written exams at dapat mapasa talaga ang 'vehicle on the road test'. Nagpapasalamat akong sa hirap ng pinagdaanan ko ay nakakuha na rin ako nito rito sa South Australia. Bawat state ay iba nga lang ang licence. So kung lilipat ako sa Sydney, kukuha na naman ako ng NSW dirver's lic.

princess_dyanie said...

gusto ko rin matuto mag driveeeeee! pero natatakot ako! hahaha ;P