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Mar 21, 2009


It’s not easy to have a pet. That’s why I did not bother to have one before until my sister decided to take care a dog. I witnessed how she loves her dog named Panda. She treats Panda like her baby. She even talks to the dog most of the time. She gives much attention especially in feeding the dog. One time I even thought that she loves the dog more than me. Panda has his own bedding, toys, dog house, several leashes and collars. He eats expensive foods like us. He has his own bowl and feeder. He has dog grooming and flea & tick control for dogs. It’s silly but I realized we should treat animals like human beings. They can understand their master. The only difference is they can talk like us. Having Panda at home proved me that the dog is man’s best friend. He guards our house when we are away for work.

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