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Jan 6, 2010


My Tatlong Pulo moment is one of the memorable experiences in my entire life. I even thought of this: I can buy material things in the malls, eat in the best restaurants in Iloilo, watch the big hit movies but there's no such beautiful as the nature's view. It is absolutely free and beautiful! I am so satisfied through my naked eyes.

We were like kids playing in front of the cam.

I tried to write my name on wet white sand.

We showed how happy we were.

climbing the rock formation

experienced the sand storm


open-sea watching

had a chit-chat

snorkeling and watching blue little fish

swimming to the max (that's our cottage)

we went back to our cattage to have late lunch(na-experience ko ang magsagwan for the first time)

a simply great experience!

Sadsad falls up next


nuts said...

wow... sarap ng pakiramdam... grabe.. haaay kelan kaya makapasyal ng guimaras... baka makalimutan ko na umuwi ng manila or mahihirapan ako umalis at iwan ang guimaras...

princess_dyanie said...

yay! sarap talaga mag beach! aylaveeet! wait, 1st time mo din magsagwan? ako last yr naman 1st time din although sa kayak lang. inisip ko nalang yung sa commercial nina lloydie sa greenwhich na cheesy hahaha! :P

Redlan said...

Nuts: Baka nga ganun mangyari

Dyanie: Sobrang cheesy. hehehe

Eds said...

wow! mukhang super nag enjoy ka nga sa trip mong yan redlan. ganda ng tubig, ang linaw. kakainggit naman. nagpakasawa ka magswimming don. grabeee!

Dennis Villegas said...

Ganda talaga sa Guimaras. Babalik ako diyan Red!

Jama said...

What a beautiful place to be, the water is crystal clear!

Mangyan Adventurer said...

Start pa lang ng taon... Ang dami mo nang napuntahan...

More travel this year...

Happy New Year! said...

hi! how far is this from jordan port? and how long is the travel? is is true php100 lang yung cottage? may cr din ba dito? hehe..kailangan magbaon talaga ng food?