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Jan 20, 2009


I was VERY busy these last few days struggling to finish work before the deadline. I am almost done so far. I visited your blogs, reading your latest post though I did not leave any comments. I love reading posts than writing mine especially during “earth” days. I prefer to use earth instead of hell because I wanna share to you the Gospel last Sunday.

This is what John the Baptist proclaimed,” One mightier than I is coming after me. I am worthy to stoop and loosen the things of his sandals. I have baptized you with water; he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”

It happened in those days that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and I was baptized in the Jordan by John. On coming up out of the water he saw the heavens being torn open and the Spirit, like a dove, descending upon him.

And a voice came from heavens; “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”

The priest shared his funny stories related to the Gospel about the Baptism of Jesus.

PRIEST: There are lots of names for your child and why you prefer to name him Lucifer? It’s the name of the devil.

MOTHER: Father, it’s the combination of my name and my husband’s.

PRIEST: If you insist, I am not going to baptize your child. I’m sorry.

Another conversation:

PRIEST: Why you chose SM to be the name of your child? It’s the name of a company.

MOTHER: SM is memorable to us. It’s the place wherein we’ve met; the place where he courted me and the place where I answered him “yes”.

The last story:

MOTHER: You know Father, you are unfair! Why you disagree to name my child FX? You baptized her child Mercedes; it’s also the brand name of a car!

PRIEST: Okay Mrs., what you would like me to use, gasoline or kerosene?

The same day, I received a Hiligaynon text message from my friend.

NOEL: Ipangalan ko sa akon bata “LEON”, baliskad sang NOEL.

NIÑO: Sa akon, “ONIN”, baliskad sang NIÑo.

TOTO: Wala ko namian kung muni istorya.

Personally, I named my niece JANINE because her birth date is Jan. 9. Belated Happy Birthday BABY! I missed you! And another niece of mine asked me to suggest a name for her child. Finally, she named him, JHUEM- name combination of her (Julie) and her partner (Emmanuel).

This is Jhuem, my fourth grandchild. Meron pa akong fifth to be baptize this coming Jan. 25. Naging lolo ako at the age of 24.


RJ said...

Hahaha! Si Toto talaga, wala nanami-an kung baliktaran ng pangalan ang pinag-uusapan kasi OTOT ang magiging pangalan ng anak niya. Ayos na joke 'to ah! o",) hahaha!

Janine is good for January 9, napakagaling mo. And Lolo at 24?! apo ng kapatid mo? Whew!

SALAMAT sa nai-share mong gospel last Sunday, hindi ako nakapagsimba. =,(

lucas said...

Lucifer literally means "angel of light" if i am not mistaken. hehe! so maganda kung ganun ang yong perspective. hahaha!


sobra! para akong nasa sinehan lagi..hehe! oo nga maxado ka nga pa lang busy...keep safe :)

Mari said...

A grand uncle at 24! Why not? It happens.

Congratulations on another grand child!!!

REDLAN said...

Anak ng nieces and nephew ko. kaya lolo na ako. Bale, anak sila ng eldest twin brothers ko. kaya halos the same age lang kami kasi am the youngest @ RJ. Swerte nila nakita nila agad ang lolo nila tas apoy nila. AKo hindi ko naabutan lolo't lola ko.

REDLAN said...

Yan ang sabi ni Father sa sermn niya @ Ron. Galante at nagmo-movie marathon ka mag-isa.

REDLAN said...

Thanks @ Mari. Am not ready pa nga maging lolo. hehehe. Pero nakaka enjoy.

Allen Yuarata said...

There's this cool joke I heard once.

"There were three mothers talking about how parents usually name their children with the things they like.

Mom1: I named my daughter Apple because I love eating apples.

Mom2: I named my son Jesus because I love God.

Mom3: (grabs the hand of her son) Let's go Dick, before we get insulted in here!"


Christian Bryan said...

Galing naman Kuya Red! Janine kasi Jan. 9. lolo ka na pala?! hahaha

sheng said...

haha, so good... Jan nine, Janine. Ako kaya... i dunno if i made good in naming my kids.

REDLAN said...

Thanks for sharing a joke too @ Allen. Natawa ako sobra dun ha.

REDLAN said...

Nagkatugma nga @ Bry. Tas ytung janine memorable name yun sa akin. lol

REDLAN said...

Share mo nga @ Sheng ang origin ng names ng mga kids mo. hehehe

MeL said...

Ang dami mo nang mga inaanak! :) Paunahan yata tayo nyan eh.

Blue Rose said...

hahaha. natawa naman ako sa joke mo! and ang galing mo naman magbigay ng name.

the donG said...

hahaha... 24?! ok lang kasi bait mo naman. may reputation ka na sa pagbibigay ng pangalan.


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