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Jan 29, 2009


The word addiction is sometimes used colloquially to refer to something for which a person has a passion. I am then addicted to T.V. series of a local channel ABS-CBN. Lately, I am into postcard collection and I am addicted in blogging.

There are people who have addiction in video games; obsession in alcohol; dependence in drugs and other addiction such as compulsive overeating; problem gambling, computer addiction or pornography.

Excessive abuse of alcohol leads to tolerance, physical dependence and an alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Unlike most withdrawals from drugs, alcohol withdrawal can be deadly.

There are addiction recovery groups who share a common desire to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. Different groups use different methods. And there is a foundation called Pat Moore Foundation that helps people recovers from alcohol and drug addiction. They are expert in alcohol detox and drug addiction treatment.


RJ said...

Treatment for alcohol and drug addiction: YES.

Addiction Treatment for Blogging: NO! o",)

REDLAN said...

Baw, tumawa ako sa comment mo @ RJ. I agree.