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Dec 9, 2008


Mel tagged me and this is the right day to answer it. It's a good timing since she is my feature blogger of the week. She's been a true peer since the second month of my blogging life. She's connected to Pepe( Pepz, where are you now? we missed you!) and a close friend to Bry (one of the cutest bloggers). I can't forget the time she offered a help for me to build the mybloglog on my blog. I love her blog because I can gather new informations and latest trends. Her kikay way is a plus!


A. Attached or single? Blessed single (har-har)
B. Best friend? Marigold
C. Cake or pie? I love cake more!
D. Day of choice? Sunday (my rest day but doing my hobby)
E. Essential item? grooming kit
F. Favorite color? red
G. Gummy bears or worms? or
H. Hometown? Home of Dinagyang Festival- Iloilo City
I. Favorite indulgence? arts
J. January or July? January (a lot of events)
K. Kids? one...more chance (kidding) I wish to have a kid of my own.
L. Life isn’t complete without? fun
M. Marriage date? November 31, 2010.
N. Number of magazine subscriptions: none
O. Oranges or apples? both
P. Phobias? firecrackers
Q. Quotes? Practice makes perfect. But then again, Nobody's perfect. So why practice? (jologs ni aileen)
R. Reasons to smile? only one person who can makes me smile and inspired...that's a secret.
S. Season of choice? I love to witness the snow.
T. Tag 5 people. blue rose, sheng, recel, mojo and rj
U. Unknown fact about me? i don't talk much in person especially in the first meeting.
V. Vegetable? am 90 % vegetarian.
W. Worst habit? late
X. X-ray or ultrasound? none
Y. Your favorite foods? chicken menu
Z. Zodiac sign? pisces


Sometimes, we have to see things for ourselves.
We have to make our own mistakes,
We have to learn our own lessons,
We have to sweep today's possibility under tomorrow's rug
until we finally understand for ourselves
that knowing is better than wondering,
that waking is better than sleeping,
and that even the most intractable mistake beats the hell out of never trying.

Have a wonderful day to all!


the donG said...

1. "only one person who can makes me smile and inspired...that's a secret.">>> kaya pala ayaw mo magsmile nung kasama ka namin. para lang pala ito sa isang tao. hehehehe....

2. "Marriage date? November 31, 2010.">>> astig! invited kami diba?

3. "Unknown fact about me? i don't talk much in person especially in the first meeting.">>> how can i not agree?

4. "Vegetable? am 90 % vegetarian." >>> kaya pala kami lang ang nakaubos dun sa super sarap na spareribs!!! salamat ulit doon redlan.

REDLAN said...

lol @ dong. am always a good listener. invited ka syempre. layo pa naman yun. 31 kaya.

nakakahiya nga, spareribs lang pinakain ko sa inyo.

REDLAN said...

our meeting always makes me smile here. one of the best moment to treasure. napaisip ako every time maalala ko yun, si dong ho, ang kulit. nakaka enjoy.

REDLAN said...


MeL said...

Kuya Redlan, thanks for taking the tag and for the wonderful feature you did here. Napataba mo talaga ang puso ko. :) If ever you need help, always remember that I'm just a buzz away - pwede mo akong ma-reach sa multiply, sa friendster, sa blog, or even ring me sa fone ko. Just tellme if you want to get my number. :D

Ang saya naman. Nagkita na pala kayo ni Dong Ho. Sana magkaroon tayo ng blogger meet up soon. Punta kayo dito sa Manila at pakakainin kita ng maraming gulay! Hahaha. Sana pag nagkita tayo, magsalita ka ha? lol. Teka imposible ang marriage date mo. walang 31 ang nov. :D

Again, super duper thank you for featuring me here. *hugs*

MeL said...

Btw, eto pala ang hitsura ko. lol. Nakakahiya naman, di nakikita ang mukha ko sa header. lol.

Mrs T said...

Mel, ganda ng feature, congrats!

REDLAN said...

It's actually my pleasure @ Mel. Thanks too. I know naman na isang click ka lang for help. thanks thanks thanks.

I did not mind to post your face pic kasi baka hindi mo gusto.

REDLAN said...

Mrs T, welcome back!

Bry said...

akala ko si Mel talaga ang reatured blogger bakit naisingit pa ako? at CUTEST pa?! baka masanay na ako nyan Kuya Red at lumipad na yung bangkong binibuhat ko! hahahahaha

Thanks a lot... Mel and I will surely never stop to read your posts :)


kinarir ko yung Nov 31, 2010... waaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

til Nov 30 lang pala yung calendar.

Life isnt complete without fun?


U shud have answerd it with Prozac.

Blue Rose said...

wow! nice one. sige, visit ako sa site ni mel.

thanks for the tag. i'll do this later.

REDLAN said...

Syempre connected ka kay Mel @ Bry.

REDLAN said...

Yung prozac TM mo yan @ KJ

REDLAN said...

Sige @ Blue Rose at babasahin ko.

the donG said...

huh?! spare ribs lang eh ang sarap naman. salamat salamat!

JM said...

hehehe...tag mo pala ako dito...sige...sagutin ko sa blog ko!

REDLAN said...

welcome , welcome @ DOng.

REDLAN said...

sige at babasahin ko @ JM