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Nov 22, 2008


Metals possess high structural strength per unit mass and making those useful materials for carrying large loads or resisting impact damage. Metals are use in high-rise building and bridge construction as well as most vehicles, appliances, tools pipes, non-illuminated signs and railroad tracks. They are good conductors. Some metals have specialized uses. Metal crafts and arts are popular nowadays. It is in the form of metalworking. Metalworking is the process of working with metals to create individual parts, assemblies, or large scale structures. It covers a wide range of work and includes skills and the use of different types of metalworking processes and their related tools.

Modern men discovered that the metal product was able to be formed into various tools, adornment and put to other practical uses. They learned to work raw metals into objects of art, practicality, trade, and engineering. Metalworking is divided into different categories. Stamping is a metalworking process by which sheet metal strips are punched using a press tool which is loaded on a machine press or stamping press to form the sheet into a desired shape. Speaking of machine press, AP&T provides the metal forming industry with reliability and proven technology. They have wide selection of production solutions for hot stamping, press hardening, press automation and other metal processes and applications.

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dished ends said...

I like art metal work very much.Do you have any pictures in that?
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