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Jul 2, 2008


After typhoon Frank hit the Philippines and left a big damage, the Filipinos feel nervous everytime there is a heavy rain just like what happened today. It was the most cataclysmic storms according to PAGASA (Philippine Atmosphere, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration). It was also the cause that MV Princess of Stars sank. It's indeed the worst typhoon of the year 2008. Sulpicio Lines, the owner of the ship, blamed PAGASA of not informing them the weather update.

It is important to monitor the weather forecast every time especially this rainy season. We can rely on PAGASA but having your own weather toolbar installed, you can check the weather data information anytime you want and wherever you are. It is an advanced websearch toolbar powered by Google. It is free to download and very fast to install. It also provides other special features. It has some valuable tools like Email Notifier, anti-spyware and popup blocker, Web radio, games, RSS reader, and more. All are free!

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