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Jul 9, 2008


I searched the top 10 sites in the Philippines and I discovered that I am a user of each site.I am pretty sure you too!

Here's the top 10 sites in the PHILIPPINES:

1. YAHOO- it's my first ever account and I am using it until now. I had some different accounts before. Now, there's only two accounts I am using, the personal account and the other one for business clients. I am using YM since then. I did chat in some yahoo rooms but I got no time anymore. I prefer to search anything thru yahoo page.

2. FRIENDSTER- Haha. It is the well-known networking site here in the Philippines but not in the United States. I created a friendster account in 2000 but unfortunately due to fortuitous event I deleted it in the mid of 2006. Don't ask me what's the reason but it was not all my fault. I did not blame someone who was so possessive. The relationship lasted only 6 months so I created a new account January 2006. Hopefully, it will not be vanished like what Frank did to our region.

3. GOOGLE.COM.PH- This is the second web search I am using. If you want to search antyhing in Filipino, this is the site for you. Hanapin sa google. Lol.

4. YOUTUBE- I can catch videos of T.V. shows that I was not able to watch thru this site. Funny, entertaining, number one video site for me. This is where Charice Pempengco discovered and being popular throughout the world.

5. MULTIPLY- I also have an account in this site. This is where I blog too before I discovered blogger. It has a complete set of features. You can create and share videos, music and pictures at the same time. KC's profile the first account I browsed.

6. WIKIPEDIA- This is my favorite web search site. Whenever I want to know more about something or terms, I immediately go here thru yahoo page search. It's my first choice to click.

7. GOOGLE- This is the site that enables users to search page rank, caching and translation of results.

8. BLOGGER.COM- I can say this is where I really belong. hehehe. It's a blog free website with a lot of features and always have new things to offer. Ant-date option is really a big help in my blogging activities.

9. IMEEM- it's a music site that you can listen, download, embed and share music. I have an account in here too but I already forgot to sign in again.

10. PHOTOBUCKET IMAGE HOSTING AND PHOTO SHARING- This is where I store most of my pictures. I created an account in here since 2001.

If I rate this site personally from 1-10 and the former is the highest. My choice is YAHOO, BLOGGER.COM, FRIENDSTER, MULTIPLY, WIKIPEDIA, YOUTUBE, PHOTOBUCKET, GOOGLE, GOOGLE.COM.PH, and IMEEM. How about you?

Thanks to ALEXA for this web information.



wala ang abscbn? hmmm.... AGB basi source mo? lol.

redlan said...

lol @ KJ. wala siya sa listahan. lol. iya to sang ano survey. alexa. hehehe... dapat imu na ya survey ang abs kay out of the country ka. have a wonderful day tomorrow. wala ko ano nga adlaw buas da.

the donG said...

haven't tried using imeem and photobucket yet.

redlan said...

matagal na yan ang photobucket. flcker na ngayon ang uso. yung imeem for music lang. matagal na rin at hindi masyado ginagamit pero dala pa rin siya sa top 10 sites in the philippines @ dom.