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Jul 26, 2008


Tonight's 6th Gala Performance was the best episode of Pinoy Dream Academy so far. I really enjoyed watching it. The trio performance of the scholars plus the duet performance of the two probationary scholars, Iñaki and Christian amazed me. The latter was expelled leaving the Academy in tears. The number of scholars in the academy is down to ten and they are the Headmaster's list of top ten scholars.

Liezel, Laarni and Bugoy- they are my bet scholars.

On the other hand, it was Charice Pempengco's life story in MMK tonight. I was able to watch MMK for two consecutive episodes since the time slot changed on Saturday night after PDA. Back then, my questions about the personal life of the singing sensation were already answered after I watched her story. "Never give up" is what I learned.


Fjordan Allego said...

ako rin, got the chance to watch the MMK epsiode last night, dun ko lang nalkaman na sumalki pala siya sa Little Big Superstar? hehehe.. Kapuso kasi ako kaya nagulat ako na nandun pala siya, kaya pala naging Kapamilya siya hehehe

ZJ said...

Hi Red... ako paborito ko si Bugoy :D From the province and trying to make it in PDA -- amo na ang good formula to earn him votes. Plus of course, may-K din siya, maganda ang boses. Sayang wala TFC diri wala na ko kalantaw one month na.

claire said...

hello.. i also like liezl & bugoy! and laarni's voice is really great! pero syempre, like ko rin sina van & sen.. hehehe.. i miss reading your posts, red.. i'm glad i finally have the time to read & blog again.. yipee!!!

redlan said...

oo 3rd place siya sa lil big star @ fjordz. kasi nga tulad ng sabi nya mababa ang text votes nya. may time naman talaga sa kasikatan. dumating na ang time nya ngayon.

redlan said...

Oo nami gid man si bugoy. nami boses ya. nami ang episode nila last sat @ ZJ

redlan said...

Thanks @ cliare. buti bumalik ka na sa blogworld.

tatlo sila paborito ko. si sen at van may career na yan sa labas. isa ka rin sa kilikilig sa kanila no? hehehe.