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Jul 28, 2008


It's free to dream but we have to work for it if we want to achieve it. As an aspiring individual, I have some dreams in my life too.

  1. I want to develop my talent in arts and teach the children about it.
  2. I want to build a house on the top of the mountain.
  3. I want to have my own child minus the wife.
  4. I want to have a child care center.
  5. I want to explore the whole Philippines.

I want to be complete….(ha-ha) How about you?

I got this image from here.


the donG said...

hahaha... centrum lang pala kailangan mo. i hope you'll be able to experience all these.

ifoundme said...

grabe! i can list like 100 dreams in one sitting. i am a dreamer that's why i get frustrated a lot! pero sige lang.. keep on dreaming!

redlan said...

lol @ dom. nainggit ako kay piolo kasi. joke!

redlan said...

oo nga madami tayong gustong gawin @ IfoundMe. Kaw rin. Goodluck!

triZzZ said...

ahahaha! I want to be complete..centrum...hehehe

"I want to explore the whole Philippines."-sabay tayo, kapag nakaipon na ako..(that is, kung may naipon ako...haha)

kuya, bakit naman minus the wife?? ahahaha, intrigera ba???


redlan said...

haha @ Trizzz.

Sige hintayin kita.

minus wife kasi papasok ako bilang monk pagkatapos. hehehe. joke.

Pepe said...

I only wish and dream of returning to iloilo for good one day.... San-o pa bala matuman....? =D

redlan said...

There's no place like home talaga @ Pepz. Di ka magkabalaka makapuli ka gid diri. Enjoy lang anay da ang life, i-grab ang mga opportunities da at the same time. Goodlucka nd halong halong.