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Jul 6, 2008


Decorative tile makes any room more beautiful. Aside from that, it is practical and durable. It adds beauty to your kitchen backsplash tile, bathroom wall, fireplace, table tops, fountain wall background, and house entrance wall decor. The tile protects your kitchen wall from heat, moisture, stain etc. On the other hand tile murals are multiple tiles with image printed permanently to produce a unique fusion of art and functional interior design.

Jerusalem Pottery is a decorative tile enterprise for 85 years owned and manage by the two brothers, Stephan and Berge Karakashian, and son Hagop. They produce beautiful and artistic Armenian ceramics, American pottery and tiles at 15 Via Dolorosa in the Old City of Jerusalem. Aside from their traditional motif designs taken from ancient mosaics and manuscripts, they also have developed beautiful contemporary tiles representing Biblical stories and the colorful Old City. There are some unique designs of Elegant peacocks, large cobalt blue birds murals, Vine tree with birds, Tree of life, Birds of paradise, Palm tree, Cypress and birds and a lot more. They assure that it will give you more years to enjoy the beauty of interior décor and worry free.

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