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Jul 19, 2008

The high quality standard Real Estate Investment College

To study is to acquire knowledge. For Education is the big foundation in man’s life. We start to study from kindergarten to college. There are various courses in college to choose whether it is in the field of science, technology, business and others. But no one has ever created an educational environment that teaches individuals the way to create wealth using the time-tested, foundational principles adhered to by all higher educational institutions.

Nouveau Riche was founded as a Real Estate Investment College that enable students to choose courses within various curriculum paths from 100, 200, 300 and 400 level classes. Each college course has been designed to teach students the real estate investment concepts and strategies; understand the advantages and disadvantages of some short-term and long term of it.

Nouveau Riche and/or Nouveau Riche Academy offer an educational system for entrepreneurs. It is a degree granting vocational programs. It is accredited with any academic or standards governing board. It is also offers incentives workshop such as Real Estate Training, Business Opportunity, Education Online, Loans, Real Estate Course, Real Estate Investing, Small Business Opportunity, Work at Home, Job Training, Franchise, Free Money, Oscar Login, Account and IT Training. Nouveau Riche helps to build ones confidence. It is a high quality, effective and high standard college indeed!

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