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Jul 9, 2008


After I chatted with the most nicest person online, I started doing a rough drop. Finally, I've just done jotting the important informations or some lines for my next post. To bad, I missed tonight's episode of LOBO. It's ending is near and it will be on friday. But I have to finish this special post or else it will be posted till Christmas or next year. Just kidding. While typing this, I feel something bad. My stomach is burping, this taeness feeling. (Kookoo lemme borrow your term).

after ten minutes. The gatorade drink is almost empty.

Now, I am thinking how to start this to be called a special post.

Later guys! Have a wonderful thursday ahead!



looking forward to that "special post"..

hay... miss ko na magkaon bandi. and serguelas. musta na da ang iloilo?

the donG said...

kaka excite naman ng post na yan.

aabangan talaga namin yan.

TENTAY™ said...

mukang espesyal pati un current feeling mo naidiscribe mo pa talaga. hahahahah

redlan said...

ARI GALUTAW LUTAW PA. wala ko bala kakaon sergueles subong nga tuig. lol. bandi lang. budlay magpadala package bi out of the country. mahal pa ang balayran sa bili. lol. la da bandi sa pinoy shop. dont tell me ga-conceive ka. joke lang

redlan said...

huwag ma excite dom. pini-pressure ako. hindi ko pa nagawa. busy sa work ako ngayong araw. bukas hindi naman. tc!

redlan said...

lol @ tentay. napepressure kasi ako. joke. dahil sa panahon yung problema ko sa tyan. lol