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Jun 17, 2008


This Tag, i prefer to express in funny poetic way using figure of speech
But forgive me, my English is not perfect.


The Rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

* When I was a kid
I didn't like my father plowing the field.
I wanted to see him building a house instead
But it was just a dream to build.
The reality was the ricefield.

* I didn't want my mother
To be a vegetable seller
But I realized later
That it is better to sell vegetables & food crops
Than those people who steal and who are corrupt.

* When I was a lil boy
Old folks in the province questioned about my doll-a girl toy
And when I was a high schooler in the city
Teachers asked about my real identity.

* Once my older brother told me
That he will hire a prostitute for me
If I can't change myself being a gay.
Years passed and I was getting older
To admit and to accept it... is better
Than to be a liar or a great pretender.
I was told by my co-worker
That she prefer to have a gay brother
Than to have a brother who is a drug-user.

* There was a season I became a bum or prodigal brother
I was a night goer and always late home comer
I ended up a gate-climber
And scolded by my anger sister.
She told me not to be a late night comer
So I went home early in the morning.
I learned to appreciate someone's care after then.

* I was in love for the first time on March one.
And became loveless on the same month
I was in love again the second time around
But broken hearted twice for the 2nd person
Who made my heart(not the world) round.
To be in love is the sweetest feeling I've learned
And heartache is the most painful.

* To revenge, I made friends with the third party
And it turned out good and we had a friendship party
We celebrated 2 year friendship anniversary
But it would impossible to reach the third friendship day
Because I kept distance and ignored the third party already.
I noticed that the third party became fancy
Rooting back with people he told to be singing bees.
I guess the third party missed to sing in whatever tune of melody.
Maybe the third party thinks it is better to be a great singer
Than to be a good banker. (La la la.... true colors....shine...)

I will end this tag with a question to ask: Which is better, to be good or to be great?
(Take time to hu hu... am not crying.... am singing)

-This tag is from LAWSTUDE. Thanks dude!


Be strong
Remember not everything has a happy ending.
And ending doesn't mean stop.
It's just a way of telling us that there is a new beginning ahead of us.

You should always be ready for the unpredictable.
Expect the unexpected.

It's easy to fall but hard to get up.
But once you are up and back on track,
You will be a better person.

That's the way of life.
You just don't live it,
You learn from from it.

-from Vicvic

Have a fruitful Tuesday everyone!


Lawstude said...

I admire persons who remain true to themselves. You really have an artistic way of expressing things and I like it.

Thanks for doing the tag and be happy now ok?

ifoundme said...

are we sisters in other life? i made friends also with the 3rd party for a sweet revenge. actually, tumaob nga silang lahat kasi i left them hanging too. wala naman akong ginawang masama sa kanila.

anyway, it's good to come out no? it's as if a heavy load was taken off. saludo ako sayo.

btw, thanks for dropping by my mansion. :)

Bry said...

gandang umaga kuya red! :)

para sakin its good to be great! la lang,... masyado lang siguro akong perfectionist!

bilib ako sayo sa lovelife mo! hehehhe daig mo pa ang whirlwind. hehehe

redlan said...

Thanks Norman. And thanks for the tag.

Haha, co-conspirators tayo. Matagal ko ng tanggap 'to. Tama ka masaya kapag totoo tayo basta wala tayong may naakan na tao @ ifoundme. Thans sa pagdaan at pag-comment din

Nakakawindang nga bry. Ngayon natutuwa na lang ako pag naalala ko. It';s good to be great and great to be good. parang pareho lang. hehehe.

Points View said...

your poem simply brought a smile on my face. thanks a lot. it feels good to be true.let's cheers to that!;0)

redlan said...

u made me smile too @ Ev! thanks too.


Fortunately I read ur post today... that poem inspired me...

I feel down today

the donG said...

not everything has a happy ending. and we never really know when it's already the end.

Mrs T said...

aliw na aliw ako sa poem mo Red, ang galing mo! What is important is you are just being true to yourself. I admire u for that kasi di ka plastik!

redlan said...

KJ wala kang karapatan na mag feeling down. You are so lucky Kris Jasper Van Dyke. Isipin mo yan. I-translate ko pa sa kinar-a? In short, maan.

Cheer up!

redlan said...

Nakalalim ng words mo @ Dong. Siguro nga, walang katapusan. We can always start a new life, lahat ng new di ba. for the better.

redlan said...

Porselana ako mrs T. JOke. Pinagtawanan ko lang lahat. Lahat kasi may stages yan. Naranasan ko na lahat, nagsawa at natuto.

You are the most nicest person na nakilala ko, alam mo yan.


Lawstude said...

by the way, i linked you. tagal na natin exchange comments di pa pala kita nalilink. ingats.

redlan said...

Thanks @ Lawstude. I really appreciate it. I added you the first time i commented on your blog.